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Best Sports Broadcast Personality St. Louis 2004 - Joel Goldberg

Readers' Choice: Joe Buck
Sports anchors can be so dang clichéd. Evidence KSDK-TV (Channel 5)'s dreadful D.C. import Rene Knott and the insufferably pompous, plaster-haired Steve Savard of KMOV-TV (Channel 4). Thankfully, we have the always witty, down-to-earth Joel Goldberg to lighten up the airwaves. Goldberg and his equally competent FOX2 battery mate, Martin Kilcoyne, are a refreshing jolt of beer and bourbon compared to Savard and Knott's pre-mixed daiquiri (figuratively speaking, of course). Goldberg toes the razor-thin line between Man Show histrionics and head-first sports reporting, which is as fine a line as any to toe. In an arena dominated by Ken-doll windbags (remember when Mike Bush did sports? We don't either), Goldberg comes off as one of the guys. Sporting news shouldn't be served up any other way.
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