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Best Tailor St. Louis 2004 - C.W.E. Cleaners

C.W.E. Cleaners

4585 Laclede Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63108


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Mr. Kim, as we lovingly call him, makes for an adorable one-man show and a lifesaving garment miracle-worker. In fact, with his cute yellow apron and his heavily accented English, he's like the Asian Gepetto, except his stock in trade is pants and the like, not puppets. Speaking of pants, we know someone who loyally brought in a pair of her boyfriend's trousers after he had, in one of his usual drunken escapades, torn the ass seam from waistline to crotch. Mr. Kim accepted them with only the teeniest giggle and made the evidence of that shameful evening disappear without a trace. We always turn to him when our clothes are in a stitch.
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Mr. Kim's prices are too high. I was charged $10 to launder 2 dress shirts, he told me initially it would be about $1.50. In addition, alterations are NEVER done correctly- I had 3 pairs of pants altered and the length was still too long after alteration. In addition it takes almost a week to get clothes back. I am not impressed!


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