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Best Way to Blow Your Low-Carb Diet St. Louis 2004 - The Pointersaurus Challenge

The Pointersaurus Challenge

The Pointersaurus Challenge

1023 S. Big Bend Blvd.

Richmond Heights, MO 63117


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Two people. One hour. A 28-inch pizza that weighs twelve pounds. Two meat toppings or four vegetable toppings. No leaving the room. Welcome to the Pointersaurus Challenge, staged by Pointers Pizza in Richmond Heights. If you and your podna can put away this gargantuan pizza, you win 250 bucks each (plus the $45 you paid for the pizza). In the decade-plus that Pointers has posed the challenge, more than 600 teams have tried. Nine succeeded. If you think you might be the tenth, say goodbye to Atkins. And call in advance. And oh, yeah: If you puke, you're disqualified.
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joseph  naes
joseph naes

Hello ladies n gentleman can u email picture of 12 pound--- 28 inch pizza if thats possible thank u


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