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Best Beer Bargain St. Louis 2005 - Saleem's

A white-linen Lebanese kitchen run by a dude named Juan that prides itself on its generous slatherings of garlic is maybe the 100th place out of 100 you'd expect to find dollar bottles of Pabst every Wednesday and Thursday night. Saleem's ain't the only place in town that runs this special (Nick's Pub in Dogtown goes "em one better by adding dollar pints of Stag to the PBR deal). Hell, it's not even the only place on Delmar (cf. Cicero's up the street). But these restaurants don't offer baba ghannouj as an appetizer. Things are more dignified at Saleem's. Except for the Pabst -- a sub-bourgeois brew if there ever was one -- for a dollar.
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