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Best Car Wash St. Louis 2005 - The Neighborhood Car Wash

The Neighborhood Car Wash

The Neighborhood Car Wash

3233 S. Kingshighway

St. Louis, MO 63139


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Hand car washes are for special occasions (or men who love their cars even more than their lawns). Automated drive-through car washes are a quick fix in emergency situations. Wielding a hose at self-service bays is the most common method, and if most of the equipment works most of the time, we're relieved to not have lost ten quarters. Then there's the Neighborhood Car Wash, a sprawling, sparkling palace of automobile hygiene, where everything works if you let it. It's an extremely tidy establishment with scrub bays cleaner than some people's showers, vacuums that actually suck up dirt, and change machines that accept grubby bills. Within the complex are five self-service stalls with vacuums in the foyer, two Touchless drive-throughs and stand-alone vacuums off to the side for those who need to erase interior evidence, then dash away. All white and blue and breezy, the Neighborhood is like a water park for your car.
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