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Best Chicken Wings St. Louis 2005 - The Dandy Inn

The Dandy Inn

The Dandy Inn

1030 Lincoln Highway

Fairview Heights, IL 62208


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Smarty-pants experts suggest that one of the biggest causes of stress in life isn't the absence of options but rather the overabundance of unsatisfying ones. Take ordering chicken wings. What should be a simple transaction turns into a game of 40 questions: How many? Do you want them mild, medium, hot, hotty-hot, mouth afire or barbecue? Ranch or blue cheese or honey mustard? Enough! The Dandy Inn in Fairview Heights spares you all these questions. It's among the oldest taverns in St. Clair County; local lore holds that Abraham Lincoln used to visit when it was a one-room structure known as Becherer's Tavern. A dozen weigh in at two pounds and go for $8.25. They're delicious. And they come with no rigmarole: Go in, sit down, say, "I'd like some wings." When the waitress asks if you want them dipped in the Dandy's sauce, think of it as a declarative, not an interrogative, and for God's sake say yes.
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Dandy Inn was the best place to have lunch on a Friday. Cod fish on top of spaghetti and a big pitcher of beer on the back porch. Can not beat it. God, I miss that place.


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