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Best Free Beer with Rodents St. Louis 2005 - Grant's Farm

Grant\'s Farm

Grant's Farm

10501 Gravois Road

Concord, MO 63123


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Free beer goes well with damn near everything: free cocktail napkins, free pretzels, free advice from the bartender. But it's even better at Grant's Farm. The (free) tram winds through their 281 acres -- past flamingos and llamas, through a covered bridge, past Ulysses S. Grant's cabin, alongside a fence made from 2,563 rifle barrels. The depot is the Anheuser-Busch Tier Garten. A short walk will also take you past parrots, eagles, elephants and, finally, the capybaras -- the world's largest living rodents. They're from South America, four feet long and would give the most experienced exterminator a heart attack if he discovered one lurking in your kitchen. But they are rather cute, in a guinea-pig-on-steroids kind of way. But back to the beer: True boozers on a budget know that free beer goes best with free beer. And the generous folks at the farm's Bauernhof will give you two.
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