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Best Karaoke St. Louis 2005 - The Ali Baba Show

The Ali Baba Show

The Ali Baba Show

7906 Gravois Road

Concord, MO 63123


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Ali Baba has been in the karaoke biz for ten years, and for the last two of them he's carved out a home at River City Pub on Friday and Saturday nights. The modest establishment with haphazardly strewn Christmas lights and outdated beer paraphernalia explodes each time he instructs (in his native Israeli accent), "If everybody has drink in the house, drink that mother-lover! Soooocial!" He throws one back and strangers clink beer bottles in a community salute. The more you drink, he promises, the better you sound. Fortunately for would-be singers, this happens pretty frequently. While most karaoke facilitators are more annoying versions of Bobcat Goldthwait, Ali Baba is an effective and fabulously flirty ringleader whose energy is contagious. As singers of varying talent belt out their selections, he can be found hugging, spinning and dipping the ladies and cordially chatting up the regulars. All of this beneath a taped-up self-promotional poster announcing: "The Ali Baba Show. Karaoke because Ali says... "You do not suck -- at all.'" Even as some patrons seem dead-set on proving him wrong.
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