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Best Mall St. Louis 2005 - Westfield Northwest (Northwest Plaza)

Westfield Northwest (Northwest Plaza)

Westfield Northwest (Northwest Plaza)

Lindbergh & St. Charles Rock Road

St. Ann, MO 63074


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Readers' Choice: Saint Louis Galleria
Chris Rock is fond of saying that "there ain't nothing in the black mall but sneakers and baby clothes." But north county's best black mall, Northwest Plaza -- which just happens to be the best mall in the St. Louis area -- has much, much more: at least four stores for the fashionable black man to buy suits in colors including (but not limited to) orange, pear and powder blue, at least two joints to buy T-shirts with Eazy-E on them, and one of the metro area's best newsstands, Todays News. Though the mall boasts more than a few empty storefronts, sometimes greatness takes time to be recognized. An Ikea is rumored to be on the way, and a Hip-Hop Kafé -- think Hard Rock Café for the G-Unit set -- is scheduled to open in September. You can bet neither one sells baby clothes.
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Destinee Greer
Destinee Greer

Uhm ; Ill Be Visiting St.Lois For Thankskiving This Year &I Really Want An Eazy-E Shirt They Dont Have Any Good Ones In KY &I Just Hope Its Different In The Lou ! I Love Eazy-E Im Only 16 But Im Thee Biggest Fan Of N.W.A. &Eazy-E They Started Es Shit Called Gangsta Rap &Yall Need To Respect It ! Straight Off Thee Streets Of Muthaphuckin Compton Are Thee Downest Niggas I Know Ren Dre Cube Yella &Eazy Muthphuckin E ! I Love Yall


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