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Best New Artist St. Louis 2005 - Berry

Berry ain't soul-flattening bombastic insanity rock, which is what lead singer Joey Lemon probably meant when he told the RFT a little while back that some people might find the indie rockers "boring." Berry is not dull, just soft and fuzzy as an old sweater. A little bit of Radiohead , a little bit of My Bloody Valentine and even some Dinosaur Jr floats through the band's songs, what with Lemon's Thom Yorke-esque falsetto, plush-as-velvet keyboard lines from Matt Aufrecht and rickety-sounding (but airtight) melodies. It isn't much like anything else in the Lou, and we're glad to have a little more beauty in town -- even if the band recently inked a deal with the Texas-based Right Place Records.
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