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Best Sushi St. Louis 2005 - Cha Yoon Sushi & Elixir Tea Bar - CLOSED

Cha Yoon Sushi & Elixir Tea Bar

Cha Yoon Sushi & Elixir Tea Bar

4 N. Euclid Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63108


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Readers' Choice: Sekisui
Once upon a time, there were some people living in a French-sounding town who were a little slow to adapt to the international ways of the world. Then one day a Japanese restaurant opened, and this mystified and terrified these people. Eventually, though, these finicky, timid people grew to like the dishes served at this new place -- as long as they were teriyaki and tempura. For it was rumored that this restaurant also served raw (!) fish, which they referred to as "sushi." But as time wore on, the children of the children of the townspeople began to dabble in the sushi creations as their forefathers never had been willing to. In fact, if you visit this French-sounding town today, you will see dozens upon dozens of "sushi" restaurants. And some of these restaurants serve only sushi -- no teriyaki dishes! Which brings us to Cha Yoon Sushi & Elixir Tea Bar in our little town's quaint but stylish Central West End. On any night (except Sunday), you can see people in this intimate café enjoying many tasty teas, Japanese beers, sakes -- and sushi. Oh, the sushi! Chef Bebe's Cha Yoon roll -- shrimp, eel, masago, mango and avocado -- is positively sublime, his spicy hamachi roll unparalleled. See the townspeople rendered speechless with joy. My, how they've grown!
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Cha Yoon Elixir and Tea Bar is the best place I've been so far. The service is outstanding and the bubble tea is awesome. But I love the Bebe rolls the best, at least I think that was the one with the kiwi and the plum sauce and the mango on it. Absolutely exotic and delicious. Wouldn't ever pass it up, I will eat there everytime I am in STL.


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