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Best Bed & Breakfast St. Louis 2006 - Dwell 912

Dwell 912

Dwell 912

912 Hickory St.

St. Louis, MO 63104


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Your mother-in-law might not care for the mother-in-law quarters adjacent to the La Salle Park home of Jen Schoemehl and Karen Jones. But you, artsy-cool reader of a different, more progressive generation, will totally groove on it. At the start of 2006, Schoemehl (owner of the landscaping company Great Pumpkin Gardening) and Jones (owner of Lafayette Square's Marbles Yoga Studio) decided to turn their two-story guest house into a B&B with funkalicious flair. Don't expect red velvet curtains on the windows or lavender sachets on your pillow. Instead, enjoy the original 1880s architecture and accents — handmade spiral staircase, hand-forged, square-headed nails — offset by sleek furnishings and modern, locally produced artwork. (Dwell 912 has already played host to a number of visiting architecture professors, who've given the space their authoritative thumbs-up.) Don't expect the typical doting-matron routine, either. At Dwell 912 you're blessedly on your own, including your own entrance with your own key. The ground floor houses a lounge with a working fireplace, high shelving and a librarian's ladder (so cool!), plus a fully stocked galley kitchen and breakfast pantry. The single bedroom (outfitted with a queen-size platform bed) and bathroom await upstairs. With free Wi-Fi, a 32-inch LCD television set, 600 thread-count linens and a per-night rate under $200, Dwell 912 is officially cooler than your apartment. Who's tempted to move in?
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