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Best Car Wash St. Louis 2006 - General Grant Car Wash

General Grant Car Wash

General Grant Car Wash

8344 Watson Road

St. Louis, MO 63119


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We all know our car seems to run better after it's washed. But after a thorough scrubbing at General Grant Car Wash, our treasured jalopy also seems to have grown a little younger. The minds behind this sparkling palace, dedicated to automotive hygiene, take the fine art of the car wash very seriously—and they have it down to a science. From the first, when two staffers promptly climb into your vehicle and seize control of the interior, you gape, awestruck, at the torrent of activity, vacuuming and wiping and vacuuming some more. Then comes our favorite part: choosing a fragrance that will linger for days. There's mountain pine, leather, baby powder, vanilla, lemon, pi?a colada, and our usual pick, the new car smell. Now we enter the long white corridor and watch through the big bay windows as our four-wheeled friend trudges through the watery blasts, is embraced by the massive blue brushes and cuddles up to the rotating red swatches that tickle and sterilize its undercarriage. In the bright lobby, rife with air fresheners, waxes and wipes, a flat-screen TV set monitors the progress of the grand wash. And at last our car emerges—reborn—into the sunshine where two other fellows, clad in shimmering blue General Grant T-shirts, give her the final once-over before we toodle off, smiling.
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