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Best Cheap Ride St. Louis 2006 - Megabus to Chicago

How much does it cost for gas alone to drive to Chicago? How about a bus there for $1 instead? The U.K. concept Megabus has arrived in St. Louis (twice a day, in fact), with one-way fares to Chicago as low as a meager buck. The brand-new, blue-and-yellow, restroom-equipped buses depart from Union Station every day and arrive at Chicago's Union Station approximately five hours later. Return buses leave Chicago twice daily as well. Tickets can be booked online; prices range from $1 to about $40, depending on availability. The most common fare we found was $8 — which still beats the heck out of the plane, the train or the automobile.
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Dena Romig
Dena Romig

Is this the same bus that departs from Kansas City and goes to either St Louis or Chicago?


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