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Best Dance Club St. Louis 2006 - Upstairs Lounge

Readers' Choice: Club Buca
St. Louis is suffering a new era of prohibition, one that restricts the distribution of quality dance music. Every neighborhood, from Washington Avenue to the Central West End to the Grove, is blaring Top 40, and while Luda and Rihanna certainly have their place, isn't it about time St. Louis liberated some more danceable digs? Consider, then, the Upstairs Lounge, a sort of speakeasy—or, in this case, danceeasy —for club kids to enjoy everything from Britpop to prog house to new wave. Sneakily situated above Mekong (which occasionally transforms into a sister club, Blue), the Upstairs Lounge features red vinyl booths and music-static televisions as a disco ball paints the shabby-chic d?cor with polka dots. "St. Louis is divided between rockers and clubbers," says Upstairs Lounge manager Tu. "We try to accommodate everybody under one roof because music is universal." So get up there and unshackle the beats—and pssst, the password is "thank you."
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I have a few friends that are just under the age of 21 and I was wondering if the Upstairs Lounge allows 18 and up to enter. This place sounds very interesting and the atmosphere/decor us right up my alley. I'm excited to check this out!


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