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Best Diner St. Louis 2006 - The Buttery

The Buttery

The Buttery

3659 S. Grand Blvd.

St. Louis, MO 63118


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For so long, we've had so many questions about the Buttery. What kind of a diner name is that? Does anybody actually go in there? And most important, why haven't we gone in there? So we did, and we weren't disappointed. The Buttery boasts one of the best cheap breakfasts in town (served anytime, 24/7). The vibe is mellow (and almost otherworldly, the way everything else seems to fall away as soon as you walk in the door). Then again, there's a kick-ass jukebox stocked with a surprising and wicked array of metal and other high-volume hits to jolt yourself back into reality. And the reality is, whether you're looking for a well-done burger, a tuna melt or your standard eggs-potatoes-toast combo, the Buttery's...well, Best.
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Best place......doesn't even describe. F-A-N-T-A-S-T--I-C~! DEFINETLEY HAVE MY VOTE NEXT YEAR~!


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