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Best Gospel Artist St. Louis 2006 - Praiz'

"Ain't nobody mad but the Devil/Everybody's glad but the Devil," Vance Watt sings on "Selah Selah," the thumpingest track on his debut CD, The Take Over. Watt didn't invent gospel hip-hop, but as a producer and MC he has reason to be happy. He's found himself performing with OutKast and producing Chingy, over the years building a hip-hop ministry that's as preachy as it is tuned in to youth culture. His vision isn't just a novelty: Hip-hop and rap owe as much to gospel as they do to sequencers and samplers. Praiz' is just bringing it all back home, to the hand-claps, call-and-response and freestyling inspiration of the church. His message is that you can run but you can't hide from the truth, his sound a dense layering of digital glossolalia.
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Manfred Polk
Manfred Polk

Looking for Gospel Hip Hop Artist to proform in a new upcoming venue in Mid-Town St Louis. Let me know about you and others who do Gospel Hip-hop Urban, R&B, or Jazz. This venue would be near the Fox in the entertainment and arts center of St Louis.


Thanx for the support. I pray that I am able to continue to be an inspiration to the St. Louis area and beyond.



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