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Best Hair on a Local TV Personality (Male) St. Louis 2006 - Randy Jackson

Readers' Choice: Mike Bush
Randy Jackson's hair is befitting of a dude's dude. It seems entirely possible to run into him at Home Depot, buying some PVC pipe for a pond he's making in his backyard. You'd maybe spot that head of hair in one of those ads for boxer briefs that feature handsome but nonthreatening men with a sense of approachability, smiling at something in the distance. It's that kind of hair. Wisely, the KSDK-TV (Channel 5) anchor isn't fighting the gray: It complements his waning summer tan rather nicely. In fact, he's not falling into any of those midlife crisis traps like trying to emulate the <\#213>do of a frat president or falling victim to the dreaded comb-over. No, he's a low-maintenance yet tidy guy who needs that close haircut every so often just to keep any stragglers in line. It's a style that seems like it'd allow him to skip the makeup chair entirely, one that silently asks what all the fuss was about.
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