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Best Happy Hour St. Louis 2006 - Modesto



5257 Shaw Ave

St. Louis, MO 63110


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We know why you read the RFT: Because it's free, dammit! We also know that you toss it to the side as you dig through the couch cushions for change. Fear not, small spender, your secret is safe with us; and since you've been so candid, we'll share a li'l tidbit with you: Those nickels and dimes can buy you one helluva happy hour. Modesto is laying out its renowned tapas for mere pocket change. Want a hearty meatball? That'll be a quarter, se?or. How about a mini omelet? Some grilled sausage? One Washington, take your pick. We'll see your 50-cent vegetable-and-cheese skewer and raise you one six-bit grilled shrimp with fresh tomato-and-onion salsa. Assuming you want to wash that all down with some fruit-packed sangria, add an eight-serving pitcher to the bill for $14 (that's $1.75 per glass, math whiz!). See? Cushion diving ain't undignified, it's just good cents.
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