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Best Local Album of the Past 12 Months St. Louis 2006 - Sex Robots

Readers' Choice: Don't Say What It Is, The Gentleman Callers
How could the Sex Robots' self-titled full-length be anything but fun? Just look at the album art: black-and-white photos of the trio exploding popcorn-kernel style on the cover; a color scheme that's a festive cotton-candy pink, orange and yellow; and the band's logo bursting forth with a cartoonish nod to the Batman TV show's pow! biff! bang! graphics. Fittingly, the punk-pop speedballs contained within are equally jaunty—seeing how they're inspired by the Replacements' shambling moments, the '50s-goes-punk sounds of Blondie and the concise pop nuggets of U.K. legends the Undertones and Buzzcocks. But the Sex Robots' secret weapon is their ability to craft the kind of hooks that refuse to leave your head—whether it's the sweet refrain of "Take Me Out Dancin'" or the centerpiece of the bitter buzz saw that is "I Won't Say I Heart You Back." For a sampling, visit the band's MySpace page,
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