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Best Mexican Restaurant St. Louis 2006 - Casa Lupita

At first glance, St. Louis might not seem like a repository of topnotch Mexican fare. But look again, and here's what you'll find: Cherokee Street. This strip, just west of Jefferson Avenue, is stuffed like a pi?ata with Mexican businesses, including restaurants—and Casa Lupita leads the pack. Keep in mind, this ain't no Tex-Mex, and it ain't no Taco Flaco. Unsure what we mean by that? Try a mulita—envision a taco served in the form of a sandwich—or a huarache—an open-face delicacy featuring a corn tortilla base that's infused with refried beans and topped with meat and taco-friendly condiments—or a ceviche tostada. If Cherokee Street is an overlooked culinary treasure chest, then Casa Lupita is the brightest diamond that glitters within.
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cactus grill has great food and a great bar atmosphere


The Casa Lupita people are involved with Cactus Grill? Man, between that and what I've heard about Senor Pique, that whole Ballwin area's got it good with Mexican food these days.

Loved your restaurant, Nidia!


Hey this restauran was mine and now we help to open a new one at 14424 manchester rd at manchester Mo. same delicious food. came en join as at Cactus Grill Mexican Itn. we have persian food to.


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