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Best Music Web Site St. Louis 2006 -

New MySpace Message from: Best of St. Louis To: Local bands Subject: Best Music Web site Body: So, OK, you guys might think it's a little weird that we've decided to give "Best Music Web Site" to a global entity owned by Rupert Murdoch, an online networking destination that seems to have hit its hipness peak in about, oh, early 2005. But there's a method to this madness—because, really, if a person wants to find what CD-release parties, shows or club nights are happening on what day, MySpace is the most reliable game in town. Locals are diligent about posting songs on their profiles—album cuts, vinyl-only gems, heck, even demos!—sometimes before they've even played a single show outside their basement. Best of all, the cross-genre pollination and networking opportunities afforded by the site's "Friend Space" jolt the STL scene from its cliqueish doldrums and have created plenty of beautiful (if unorthodox) relationships and multiband bills.
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