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Best Newspaper Columnist St. Louis 2006 - Bernie Miklasz

Readers' Choice: Bill McClellan
Regular readers of this particular fishwrap might be surprised to see us freely admit that we like and respect our counterparts at St. Louis' Only Daily. But we know good work when we see it, and good work does get done at the Post-Dispatch. The labors of Bernie Miklasz perennially put the longtime Post sports scribe at or near the top of our list. Why? Because Miklasz doesn't merely lob commentary. He actually gets out and surveys the local sports landscape himself, then comes back and reports what he has found—augmented with a major dose of skepticism and/or advocacy. That's what's known in the trade as informed opinion, and it's a commodity that's becoming all too rare. Yes, we've been known to ride Bernie for spreading himself too thin, what with his regular radio (KSLG [1380 AM]) and TV (FOXSports Midwest) gigs. But as long as the overexposure doesn't detract from Miklasz's reporting, he remains the must-read of all must-reads in this sports-obsessed burg.
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Bernie is an embarassment. It is sad that he is actually employed ANYWHERE. What a disgraceful writer. He is a fat pig with no writing talent, a proclivity to make up stories, and of course a DWI back in the day. Cant we find someone better?


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