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Best Old Building St. Louis 2006 - Dinks Parrish Laundry

Dinks Parrish Laundry

Dinks Parrish Laundry

3124 Olive St.

St. Louis, MO 63103

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In the glorious Hereafter, angels will carry your dirty duds (is there stink in Heaven?) to clones of the Dinks Parrish Laundry building on Olive Street, where firm-bodied Swedes will scrub your clothes with blessed detergent and holy water. One look at the fa?ade of this midtown glory is proof enough. It's either a heavenly flight of fancy or the product of a bricklayer on LSD: Moorish architecture on steroids, replete with spires wrapped in carved grape vines and snowflakes, flower blossoms and clamshells. Until two years ago it languished in midtown like Sandra Oh with a fat suit on. But a recent refurbishing injected new life into the building, which now houses the Loft Jazz Club and a half-dozen loft-style apartments. The fall promises to bring a coffeehouse and an Asian stir-fry joint.
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