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Best Open-Mic Night St. Louis 2006 - Chippewa Chapel Traveling Guitar Circle and Medicine Show

When Frederick's Music Lounge shuttered in February, the freaks and geeks who made the Noiseday Hootenanny such a spectacle of south-side lunacy went into survival mode. Drifting from bar to bar, they looked for some spot with a hint of the Chippewa institution's soul. They haven't found it yet, but with the blessing of former Frederick's owner Fred Friction and the guidance of KDHX (88.1 FM) DJ Paul Stark, they've turned homelessness to their advantage, setting up a makeshift PA in obscure dives including Mr. Bill's Clubhouse, Shot Heaven and Windy's on the Wedge. Regardless of location, bawdy sing-alongs, scatological ravings, perverse jokes and, yes, even occasionally brilliant musicianship continue to charm and disturb unsuspecting bargoers across a city that needs madcap misfits' uncontrollable urges now more than ever.
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You said it Terry...Who cares about that. If I wanted to hear about sibling rivalry I'll turn on Jerry Springer.

Terry O'Neal
Terry O'Neal

Let's get back to the article please Robert. I don't think people really care about that.

Robert Boettcher
Robert Boettcher

"they've turned homelessness to their advantage"!?What?, How? By Freddy "Fraction" Boettcher,Jr. , with no regard to his/our own family, caused his own brother; Robert, who was there to help him all those years, and who subsidized his business, ...Freddy,Jr. left his own brother homeless.

Freddy Elmer Boettcher, Jr. is a criminal.He made countless false police reports, and perjured himself in legal proceedings, as well as legal documents so as raid my fathers home, steal over $30,000.00 at the selling of our property before splitting the rest with the other 5 owners, as well as my personal possessions on top of ruining my life, and destroy my reputation.


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