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Best Place for a Last Date St. Louis 2006 - Dental Health Theater

Simply saying, "It's not you, it's me" never works. Far more effective is to demonstrate to your future ex that you are, in fact, batshit crazy. And we can think of no better way than an impromptu visit to the Dental Health Theater, a one-room museum tucked inside the Rader Building on Laclede's Landing. Sixteen gleaming-white, three-feet-tall teeth — a perfect set of lowers — surround a stage where the museum puts on a puppet show promoting proper dental hygiene. Alas, the puppet show is performed only for groups of fifteen or more. It's all right, though. Just seeing the lifeless puppets, each with a set of impressively lifelike chompers, draped across dentist's chairs will freak out your soon-to-be-erstwhile lover plenty. You won't even need to have the dreaded conversation. Plus, as your parting gift, your formerly significant other will have you to thank for never again forgetting to floss.
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