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Best Place to Buy Sex Toys St. Louis 2006 - TLC Priscilla's

TLC Priscilla's

1034 Venture Drive

St Peters, MO 63376


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It seems that, every year, "Best Place to Buy Sex Toys" has the libido of a repressed Southern Baptist schoolgirl. Sure, the winner is always kinky, but it also seems a bit ashamed, cloaking its sexuality in the murky shadows of south city. But this year, our winner is a Catholic college freshman just sent off to UC-Santa Barbara: TLC Priscilla's is loud and neon-lit in St. Peters, squatting on the main road with nothing to hide. She flaunts her assets with the best of 'em, showcasing low-priced sex toys and kinky outfits in every possible fetish fabric. She stocks an impressive library of erotic videos (some priced as low as $9.99) and a magazine stand replete with stacked racks. And to top it off, the lady has a sense of humor, offering bachelorette-party-ready penis veils and shot glasses. Sure, she may sound a little slutty, but don't be too hasty to judge Priscilla—this smart, safe-sex shop keeps candy jars of condoms right by the register.
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