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Best Place to Line Dance St. Louis 2006 - Wild Country

Wild Country

Wild Country

17 Gateway Drive

Collinsville, IL 62234


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In the middle of Nowhere, Illinois,
Sits Wild Country for all the girls 'n' boys.
It's the premier place to dance a line,
C'mon now, you're doin' fine!
In the early eve they teach a class,
An' learn you how to shake that ass.
But if you miss out, don't be blue,
Projectors show the moves to you!
The floor is corralled by a fence,
Which adds some Western ambiance.
It's a crowded joint so hurry in,
Beat the lines (to cowpokes' chagrin).
Now 'n' then they play a mainstream hit,
In case you think country's shit.
So promenade across the floor,
Then sashay right on out the door.
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Well if you are leaving Dorsett and getting onto 270 you would want to head North until you get to interstate 255 in Illinois.Then go south for about 4.5 miles and get off at Horseshoe Lake Rd. Turn left at the light. go until you can turn on the first road on the right. Take that road until you see the big black and white checkered building on the left and turn into the parking lot. You are now here at wild country. enjoy and have fun.

evie harris
evie harris

How do I get to your club from 270 and Dorsett?E.Harris


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