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Best Place to Slow Dance St. Louis 2006 - The Hide Away Restaurant & Lounge

The Hide Away Restaurant & Lounge

The Hide Away Restaurant & Lounge

5900 Arsenal St.

St. Louis, MO 63139


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Slow dancing is an anachronism. But then the Hide Away is, too. With its padded bar, disco ball, mirrored walls and airbrushed paintings of shipwrecked damsels, little at the Hide Away has changed over the past 30 years—aside from the advancing age of the patrons. Every night of the week, the bar packs in blue-hairs who've come in droves to hear organist Mark Dew do his thing. Never mind that Dew can't see his geriatric gallery—he's blind—he can hear them shuffle their feet on the dance floor as he belts out show tunes, Rat Pack faves and classic country masterpieces.
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Matthew Lybanon
Matthew Lybanon

Anachronism? After you've danced nothing but Salsa for 3 hours (what's the matter--aren't you smart enough to learn how to do more than one dance?), what do you do when the band or the DJ gives you a chance to use some other muscle groups by playing something slow and romantic? You can rock back and forth in a bear hug, or you could learn to do it right. "Slow Lounge" is a style, and it's newer--much newer--than you think


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