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Best Radio Station Format Change (Satan Division) St. Louis 2006 - KSHE (94.7 FM)

Like the Osama bin Laden tapes that pop up on Aljazeera every now and then, KSHE (94.7 FM) decided to capitalize on the media-friendly side of bad dudes on the most devilish of days, 6/6/06. From 9 a.m. till midnight, the station cranked Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" (famously found in The Exorcist) and DJs read excerpts from the Bible's old-school spookfest, the Book of Revelation—backward. And on equipment outfitted with Radio Data Broadcast Systems, KSHE's frequency popped up as 66.6 FM. On this picture-perfect Tuesday, the DJs sounded not so much possessed as tipsy from pounding too many beers at an outdoor barbecue. Nonetheless, the clever promo gave every listener pause—and if you listened long enough to the eerie music, hairs on the back of your neck eventually stood at attention. At the crack of Wednesday morning, 12:01 a.m., KSHE resumed its usual hard-rock standards. First up: AC/DC's "Highway to Hell," naturally.
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appropriate because KSHE has been the living dead for years. Time to blow it up, and remember what used to be. I've had enough freebird, thanks.


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