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Best Rock Club St. Louis 2006 - The Way Out Club

Readers' Choice: The Pageant
The field has narrowed over the past year, what with the closings of Frederick's Music Lounge and the Hi-Pointe. But even in a crowded field, the Way Out Club stood out as a beacon of rock and revelry. The venue books many of this town's finest rock bands and the occasional touring act, and its tall-ceilinged music room is acoustically friendly. The d?cor of vintage erotica, horror-movie posters and one big-ass velvet painting of Kenny Rogers helps maintain a fun-house atmosphere, but club owners Bob Putnam and Sherri Lucas are the heart of the Way Out. Dispensing drinks and good cheer in equal measure, the couple has been fostering St. Louis' musical community for nearly a decade. Their dedication to local music and propagation of joie de vivre makes the venue the premier spot for hot rock action.
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Stick it up anywhere ya want, Jeffie.Nobody cares for the truth anymore anyway.

I won.


Stick it in your ear Everybody else. I like to see this goes. I think it's funny. It's like a Jerry Springer show on crack.

Robert Boettcher
Robert Boettcher

Thats a good idea.Don't you think, Gab?You Bullied everyone from the start since before my Dad passed away.You were bad-mouthing anyone that asked any questions regarding why, and how the estate was handled.You were calling ALL of our relatives and even turned our mother against me with your shit, so as to appear that you "Cared",and were worried for my health. right?Yet you orchestrated a lot of people to help Freddy, Paul Stark, (and yourself?) make a lot of money off of that Estate, all that while, I was being used for help, and drained of money that went into Freddy's pocket, because you, and/or Freddy did not,as promised at the reading of the "Will",set up a trust fund to take care of our property.Gabbie Mason, Paul Stark, and Fred E. Boettcher,Jr. are sociopathic, and manipulating liars that tore my family apart, and did their best to destroy my life.Freddy, and Gab perjured themselves in court(s),Obstructed justice, and made false police reports against me. How would you forgive them, or find any sort of closure?

Everyone else
Everyone else

This whole blog is being abused by certain people that are trying to protect themselves from incrimination.

May I suggest that we all take this to elsewhere to a moderated forum that requires every posters email address to be verified before anything by them is posted.


lol...this forum is too funny! It went from one thing to another. These people are really just going back and forth bashing each other. I have some numbers to some people that I know who have T.V. reality shows that you guys should get on. You could make millions. Then maybe Robert and Gabbie would stop this bickering!


I guess I really am crazy. I better get myself checked out. Maybe get locked up and put in a straitjacket in some asylum. I think that is what I'm gonna do. yep yep yep!!!! I'm bouncing off walls now...


I wrote that last comment.I am the naughty Cobbler.I admit it. I am aslo Summer Maiden.I can not stop myself. Please stop me.I am crazy. I need help. Please help me.

Summer Maiden
Summer Maiden

This is to Erkle. I think the "A" that Naughty Cobbler is talking about is ASS you dim wit...lolololol. I'm sayin the same thing he is sayin to need to get a life too!!


What the hell kind of Legacy did Mr. Fred Boettcher have. I thought he was just another bar owner in town.


This came up over dinner when asked about family.(Robert is a very good cook.) He is very disappointed with his mother, and siblings, because of their attitudes dispite the fact that he loves them very much. This whole thing isn't just a dysfunctional family. This was criminal for his brother Fred to wrongly accuse him, and then prevent him from defending himself. I give credit to Bob for trying to get his story, and the truth out about how terrible his sister, Fred, and Stark did their best to twist their conspiracy against someone that took pride in his father's legacy, and lost his home over their lies.The way I see this, is that as long as he goes away, and never mentions again what they did to him, then they won as exactly as they planned out this whole Raid the Estate, and scapegoat someone else played out for them. Shame on them.

He explained that most of those comments above were cut, and pasted from private emails. Not to here. More likely the work of his sister that tries to make him look bad, as if it all makes them look good. They have provoked him at every meeting, and have manipulated others with their lies. What would you do if you were used, and abused like that by people that you trusted, love?


Life!?That was real life.If your family attacked you like that would you say that?

Oh, But, Are you one of those \"A-list\" assholes that seeks out \"A-list\" popular night spots so as to put the \"A\" in A-list?That explains what that \"A\" in A-list means doesn\'t it?

Naughty Cobbler
Naughty Cobbler

I came on here to read about popular night spots and I come across this terrible family feud. How horrible. Robert....the way you just go on and on about crap we don't give a rat's A** about. Get a life!!!


I have to agree with Summer Maiden. Robert is going about this so unprofessionally. I don't think this is how you go about settling things. By doing this only makes him look bad. He needs a different approach. Robert, if your reading this, which I assume you are checking this daily, You should go see a REAL Lawyer. Let them get the facts. Or hire a P.I. They can really dig up dirt. But how your handling it is only putting fuel into the fire. It looks so messy now I don't think you have a God's chance to come out a winner. I feel so sorry for Fred and Gabbie and anyone else in the family that has to go through this nonsense. That's my 2 cents.

Summer Maiden
Summer Maiden

This is just plain retarded. I have been reading this from the beginning...and I can clearly say that Robert needs some professional help. He rambles on and on about things that sometimes make no sense. First off...It seems their father past away a long, long time ago. Why hasn't Robert moved on. Is this going to be the death of him? Is this going to be what he is known for forever? Man...if I was in his shoes I would go on and lead my own life before he is disowned. Weather the family did or did not do anything wrong. I would drop it and seek a more happy life elsewhere. I wouldn't fight it...I would just leave them and forget them. Don't you think that is what's best Robert? I mean, I bet everyone in your family don't want to talk to you right now, isn't that right. That must suck. I don't know who you are Robert but I bet your in your late 40's with no job and no place to call your own and probably don't even have a girlfriend. You probably don't even have true good friends around you. Don't you think you need to CHANGE?

Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen

This is wild. People of St.L sould know this.(sent to several news organisations)

Hello. Mr. Brown:(or Bill McClellen, etc.)

Did you know, that you can call your local police,And have people arrested with nothing but lies, and no proof? Do you know that you can "waltz" in to government buildings,

and offices with those same lies, and forged signatures on legal

documents, so as to have people committed into involuntary psychotherapy.

In effect, causing their victim to be legally kidnapped

from their own home, off of their own property?

What happed to me can happen to anyone.

When my Father; Frederick Elmer Boettcher, Sr.

was dying of "Lung Cancer" back in May of 2000,

My half-sister; Gabbie Mason took it upon herself to nurse him to death

Within weeks, and have my Father's Will redone so as to

Give everything to the elder son; Freddy E. Boettcher, Jr. the Lesser.

What those two did, and I can prove this,

Is to use/assume My Father's name on other legal documents

So as to seal their control over my late Father's Estate.

Then they proceeded with a plan to have me pay a full third

of Utilities on top of "rent" that was agreed to be put into a

trust fund for taking care of the property.

Meanwhile, Freddy "Fraction" conveniently ignored his

Responsibilities as the Executor of the Estate by purposely

Not setting up the Trust Fund. Everything I paid went into his pocket.

He didn't take care of the property except for whatever helped

His; "Tavern business". At one time the roof almost caved in

Because he disregarded my complaints about the damage after a

Very bad storm 3 weeks earlier.

One day, Freddy up, and decides to ban me from the Lounge,

Then decides to make my own backyard off-limits to me.

He had me fired for turning off a light.

He changes the lock on the Basement door where I have a lot of stuff

stored, as well as the washer, and dryer.

Then he has his buddies throw out my stuff without giving

me a chance to retrieve any of it.

One summer morning, I find my car destroyed.

Every bit of glass on it was smashed, and nobody heard, or knows

Anything about it. The insurance guy spent an hour with Freddy,

then tells me that there had to be 6 or more instances of vandalism

Before they would pay out a claim. Much later, I find out that;

All the while, since at least 2002, Gabbie Mason, Freddy, and his

so-called Silent-partner; Paul Stark were slandering me so as to

scapegoat me, and discredit my complaints against them.

Gabbie Mason, and Freddy Boettcher, My own siblings that I was earnestly

Trying to help for years, made up the most devastating lies, and slander

that they could come up with so as to get a restraining order.

Then Freddy, Paul, and Gabbie Obstructed justice by signing legal papers

With a forged signature of my mother's name, so as to have me involuntarily committed to the Metropolitan St. Louis Psychiatric Center just a week before the RO hearing. Thus winning by default. Isn�t that; Obstruction of Justice?

Now Gabbie Mason still slanders me by saying; "He was treated for psychiatric problems." to all of our relatives, as well as anyone, and everyone who she gets to listen to her. She also has been telling people that I am "going around hitting people." Gabbie mason has relentlessly bombarded my mother with negative BS, lies, and nonsense about me so as to have my own mother, as well as others to be afraid of me. Thus I was shunned from holidays with relatives for the last two years. Then, finally, at a chance meeting with Freddy at a local bank, Freddy, and I discussed all this, and he had a smirk on his face as he was admitting to all this. We walked out of the bank together to the Shop n Save,

And I was demanding reparations for all of my personal belongings that he admitted that he had destroyed.

On the west exit, going out, Freddy sucker-punched me, and then pepper-sprayed, and calmly walk away. I called the police with my cell-phone, and reported what happened, but they kept asking me what our address was. So, I followed Freddy back to the bank, and he just smirked at me. Then we walked around the corner to Kingshighway, and southward. He stopped into the white Castles, and got a cup of water. He even tried to catch a bus. All the while I had the police on my phone. Freddy finally stopped near the McDonalds, turned toward me, and tried to pepper-spray me again, but I knocked it out of his hand, and punched him in the jaw. He fell to the ground. I did not touch his legs, or foot. After about 40mins,and no police, I walked back to the bank, got into my van to get myself medical attention for the pain because of pepper-spray on my face.

Long story short, Freddy made yet another one of his false police reports, and I

was arrested for assaulting HIM! He claimed that I was "jumping up, and down on his legs." I've been to the downtown lock-up 6 times because of Freddy's lies, and perjury. 24 Hrs. every time. Well, We met again for yet another RO hearing where he perjured himself with a false version, as well as faked injuries. (Or at least injuries not caused by me.)

Well, next I find out is that my case went to a Grand Jury, and that the charge was "upgraded" to felony C Assault, as well as Resisting Arrest tacked on. I had to get Bonded, and a lawyer. I read that I may get years in jail, $? Fines, fees, and a felony record all because of what Freddy, and Gabbie did to ME!

After all those years of taking care of that place, which I was legally heir to, and owned 1/6th of, and considered my Home,

I was threatened, beatup, kidnapped, jailed numerously, all for what?

What justice is that?

Where is the justice in that?

Finally, The property was eventually sold for $239,000.00,

with $28,000. to each sibling, and with $66,000. still unaccounted for.

Robert Boettcher
Robert Boettcher

Yes. I'm going to court.I have never had any reason to lie about any of this.Freddy E. "Fraction/Friction", and his Bullying elder sister; Gabbie Mason, along with Paul Stark are actual criminals.

What they want to call "rantings" are the truthabout how they conspired to steal my Father's Estate.And they already did so. It's now very documented.However, They still have to Lie,LIE, and keep lyingso as to scapegoat me for what they got away with.Follow the money. Check in with St.L.City Hall.

Regarding Freddy's so-called assault.His injuries were faked.He knows that more than I do.He's my brother. I wouldn't hurt him.I've spent years helping him.What is his, Paul S., and Gab's aganda?

They just cannot let anyone knowthat they conspired all this since beforemy Father even died.

We/Our family trusted them.

what the?
what the?

If he's really going to court, shouldn't Robert's lawyers be advicing him to stop posting crazy rantings on public forums? It can't possibly be good for his future outcome......also curious regarding: The Big Bully and Paul Stark, what crimes were they covering and how does it relate to the felony assault trial?

Robert Boettcher
Robert Boettcher

Hello, Gabbie "The BIG Bully" Mason, a.k.a "Just Watching":Desperately watching out or fearful remorse.Why do not Fred "Fraction/Friction" answer ANYquestions regarding how Gab stole the Estate,then played me for all they could get?

Gab with Paul Stark were instigatorsto cover their crime(s) by getting rid of mewith any means, including character assassination,as well as, but not limited to; outright Libel, Perjury,and Larceny.

See you court.

just watching
just watching

Missouri Casenet says Robert's 2nd degree felony assault jury trial is scheduled for November 13th. Should be an entertaining few minutes, especially if he represents himself.


No Dave B. can not testify what did not happen. Robert did not beat up his brother but instead got pepper sprayed in the face by Freddy. Though Dave B. is empathetic to Robert his facts are incorrect. Robert has never been incarcerated for felony assault...NEVER. And as far as it being documented that he is a trouble young man.....did Dave B. read Robert's medical papers from MPC were his family had him he has not but I have....and upon his release 4weeks later the papers state that he is just fine. He did not cost his family their business it was Freddy and Paul that CLOSED the business. And as far as the people that are wanting to physically Robert...they are the ones that need psychiatric care. Yes leave him alone !!!!

Truely Concerned
Truely Concerned

To Dave Bquote; "I heard that Robert was incarcerated for a long time for felony assault after his horrible beating of his brother Fred this spring."

When exactly, and where was that?Are you a witness?

Will you testify that statement for us ?

John Q. Public
John Q. Public

My question is what could Freddy be telling the police that would let them violate Robert's Civil rights?That was his home. His own inherited property.How does that happen?Hello?

Robert Boettcher
Robert Boettcher

I did not post #11, #5, or #6.Someone is playing games with my name.Some "Friend" of Freddy's?Ericka?Gabbie?


John Q. Public
John Q. Public

Robert, If it wasn't you posting, the imposter sure has your writing style down pat.


Well, it happened again......Someone is posting using Robert"s name.......

This time he was at a Funeral on o8/06/07 at 2:11pm at the time of that posting.

Robert Boettcher
Robert Boettcher

I could not have posted that; #11.I was at a funeral at that time.Who is posting here using my name?

Robert Boettcher
Robert Boettcher

From: "Robert Boettcher" Subject: What a difference that some Slander makes!

Hello, KDHX:

Freddy E. Boettcher,Jr. The Lesseraka Fred "Friction",(More approately know as Freddy Fraction... is a criminal.

That being said;

What do you know about ME?

Probably nothing exceptvicous slander fromFreddy "Fraction", and Paul Stark.

They caused much damageto our family so as to not answerany questions regarding the Estate of;Fred E. Boettcher, Sr.

With nothing but lies, perjury,and outright greed.Freddy caused me to be dragged outof my own home, off of my own property.(Dispite the fact that I was there all those years tohelp him.)

Just so we know,that we are still on the same page;

Is it fine that you can slander me,perjury yourself in legal documents,as well as court proceedings,yet all the while, you have done your bestto prevent any debate from me?

Remember how you turned each,and every family meeting into an AMBUSH against me?Why?What are you hiding?Why are you despairingly trying to protect Freddy?

Geez, The way Gab got everyone against me,as well as Freddy did, just to deflect any questions.

For starters;What, exactly was Freddy's responsabilityas our "Executor" of our Fathers Estate?

He has admitted, on the record,that he kept no records of financial transactions.What does that tell you?I say that he, with Gab's help,as well as Paul Stark,STOLE our inheritance for themselves.Face it, Folks.Thats what happened.They do not want, and preventany argument regarding the matter at all.

Gab likes to say; "Take your meds"What meds?She hade me commited, cruelly,with nothing but lies, so that Freddycould get a RO by default.

Freddy, and Gabbyare Criminals.

Gabby,You are recorded trying to keep(as you say;"help") me so as that Freddycould get his RO.

Face it, Folks.Freddy, and Gabby are liars.desperately covering their crimes.They planned this before my father even died.

I have evidence, and proof.However, I'm just the scapgoat.Follow the money, folks.

Care to comment on the obvious?Hello?Freddy?

Still want to play games?I have much more information.

Is that the best you can answer, Gab?Your pathetic, delusional response(s)based on your own lies.

We all know of your self-serving liesthat you exasperatingly, keep yelping outwhen you get cornered with questions.Instead of answering anything, you lie.

What kind of loving family memberwould do that to their own relatives?

What are you desperately trying to hide?

What medicine?Where/ how did you make that up?Perhaps its about time YOU need some.I will do my best to help you get the proper helpthat you obviously need.I will promise to visit you(almost every day. :)

Your cruel slander is criminal.You twisted everything around,into getting people to cooperatewith your selfish, criminal agendaof raiding my Dad's home, then mine.You, and Freddy also destroyed,and stole some of my personal propertyWhat kind of Family does thatto its own members?

You, and Freddy have crossed the lineof human decency.

Do you still want forgiveness?Do you want any sort of closure?

Of course not,after what you, and Freddygot away with.insert Gab's fiendish laughat Paul's, and Freddy's (dark-glassed) face.>

Now you seem to be after our mother's house.Wouldn't that be nice, eh?

You, Gab,and Freddyare criminals.

Is there something, anything that you,or Freddy want to say?

You and Freddy really tried your best,eh?

I certainly hope you are all are happy.

You two criminalsstill think you got away with it.Not yet.

As for me;I'm fine. Always was.I keep myself busy.I'm employed, enjoying life,with my own friends,(yes, and loving girlfriend.)Living a very prodctive lifewithout ever hitting,hurting, oreven trying to destroy anyones lifelike you and Freddy did to me.


Attacking meafter everythingI did, and paid forthrough all those yearsto help Freddy up here forwhat was actually our fathers Legacy.

Your, and Freddy's attitude all along was very tellingof the way I was only used for whatever you could getout of me.No care about family ties.No conscience, or remorse whatsoever.You; Gab;Hijacked my fathers Willwith the help of that/thoseLawyers next door.

Just Admit it.The obvious, already.

Because that is the only reasonthat makes any sense as to whyyou, and especially Freddy, have reactedto attack me so viciously as you two have against me.

Geez.I always had the best interest for our family,Now look how terribly things turned out.

With your exasperatingbullshit and lies to everyone in our family,especially to your/ our own mother!!!!

ps;Lets throw in a quicksplash, with whatever is left on the baronto the face of Paul Stark. After all,Didn't he start all of this shitby trying his best to get rid of me?Remember that?

Freddy ;He not only stole my stuff,He Stole my home, and left me homeless.Gee, After everything I did for him,including holding him in my arms inrestraunts as he had his eplipic fits.

Gab;With her relentless bullshit, and outright lies,destroyed my life in that process.She and Freddy put my life in danger.Then she gleefully calls in/everywhereto keep tabs/trake? on me.

Then she has the audacity to laugh about it allnot only in Freddy's face (w/his stupid dark glasses)but twice in front of our mother at the family meeting(Ambush!?) regarding all of this nonsense.

Am I supposed to just forgiveand forget that terrible injustice?

Fuck you.They fucked with the wrong guy.


This is interesting stuff because I happen to know most of those people from E. Cape. I also know that Robert Boettcher is not some nutcase that his goofy sister seems to be trying to tell everyone. I believe his claims that Fred, and Gabbie stole the place, then used him, and after he got mad at them, they did their best to discredit him. I seriously think that its Gabbie, and Fred,Jr. that are the culprits in that situation.For instance, Why does not Fred,Jr. have anything to say?Why is the sister Gabbie so upset, and calling alot of people, including me to say not to listen to Robert "Because he won't take his medicin". ? Are we missing something in all this?Something that Fred, and Gabbie don't want known?


This is interesting stuff because I happen to know most of those people from E. Cape. I also know that Robert Boettcher is not some nutcase that his goofy sister seems to be trying to tell everyone. I believe his claims that Fred, and Gabbie stole the place, then used him, and after he got mad at them, they did their best to discredit him. I seriously think that its Gabbie, and Fred,Jr. that are the culprits in that situation.For instance, Why does not Fred,Jr. have anything to say?Why is the sister Gabbie so upset, and calling alot of people, including me to say not to listen to Robert "Because he won't take his medicin". ? Are we missing something in all this?Something that Fred, and Gabbie don't want known?


Oh my goodness I can't believe you guys......I just saw Robert Boettcher and talked to him.

He mentioned to me the earlier posting by Erica on RFT Blog, so I decided to check it out.

When I got home I checked this web site and found several additional postings. I was with him at the time they where posted (3:19pm & 3:24pm) I can not vouch for the info in them but I know for a fact that he did not post them.


He is sane and not in jail...........That is the Truth.

This stuff cant be real
This stuff cant be real

This stuff can't be real. .....It's too funny............the more I re-read, the more I catch......Here's one my favorite parts...... "Shortly after arrival, all the money in my pocket was stolen by a friendly Negro...."

Robert Boettcher
Robert Boettcher

From: Robert Boettcher

Fred Elmer aka "Fraction/friction" Boettcher, Jr. The Lesser,and Gabbie P.Boettcher-Masonhave to answer for their perjury,and vicious slander against me.

... then he violently attacks me, and just walks away. (after I knocked the pepper-spray out of his hand.)

Later he says that; "I robbed him." Excuse me?

Freddy, Paul Stark,and especially Gabbie MasonAttacked ME.

Hello, Dear Family, and Everyone else. (

I was dragged out of my own home,off of my own property because of Freddy's lies,that Gabbie made worse by twisting everything,and anything completly out of contextso as to blame ME! (Scapegoat me, I mean.)

So as to deflect any questions regarding their illegal activities. Which are;

1.) Slander.Whats with all the BS, and lies?!Gab can latch onto anything to find fault with me.Perhaps she should point that microscope on herself?

2.) Obstruction of Justice.Gabbie, Paul Stark, and Freddy signedlegal documents to prevent me fromattending Freddy's BS RO hearingso as that he could win it by default.Thus, Gab gets to call me crazy,and Freddy gets to "Evict" me.

3.) Perjury.Thats; Lying,under oath, in a court of Law.Freddy was very vicious.So was Gabbie.

Are you able to forgive something like that?

4.) Theft. Where is the hard-drive that was in MY computer? There are countless things missing from my old home at 4456 A. Chippewa St. (Thats a separate, Legal address.) Thomas pushed me out of my own door. Tom, Joe, (and perhaps Gab.) threw out, packed up into a UHaul, and stole my personal property. (I'm not allowed any way to retrieve any of it.)

5.) False Police reports. Freddy, like Gabbie, seem to make up all kinds of BS.Sometimes in mid-sentence.Nobody can even reason with liars like that.

Did I miss anything?6.) Gabbie is, or was a pedophile.I've known that from when I was in 10th grade.She was actually very enjoyable at that time.

7.)Gabbie Mason is definitely a sociopathic liar.She just cannot stand the idea that anyone will suspecther of deceitfully manipulating her family, and/or anyone else?I have been amazed at her poker-face talent to lie.She could make you believe that you have no shoes!She claims to have never heard of Mary Hotto,but she called her almost every day back in 7/05when she wanted them to keep me locked up.Even Dr. J.Rutherford became concerned about Gab.

I do appreciatethat you, George, of all people,especially in our dysfuncional family,called me to get my side of this storyabout Freddy, and Gabbie stealing ourFather's Estate, then criminally gettingrid of me when I pushed the serious questions.

Please.Help me tell everyone the truth.All you will hear from Gab, Freddy, Paul Stark, Thomas,and our own MOTHER (That Gab has under her thumb.)seems to be nothing more than nit-picking, BS, and outright LIES!

Freddy, Paul, and Gabbie;The very people that had opportunity,and motive, did their best to discredit me.Even to go as far as to perjure themselvesin court proceedings, as well as legal documents.

I can document what I am saying, and writing.

Gabbie, Freddy, and Paul L. Stark cannot, and will not.

I say its about time we all go to court,and get the truth out without bribing the so-called Arbitrator as Gabbiedid.

All they; (Gabbie,Freddy, and Paul Stark)do is nit-pick negitive BS, and slander me.Why?I was there to help them!

To scapegoat me,and draw attention awayfrom any questions as to what they did to us,especially me, after I stopped providing money to Freddyafter he decided to ban me from the Lounge for no real reason.

Then Freddy decided that I cannot sit in my own back yard.

Then Freddy decides to change the lock, and keep me out or my ownbasementwhere the washer/dryer is, and I have personal property stored.

Then Freddy has his "friends" throw out my personal propertyto the dumpster, without notifying me, or giving me a chance to retreiveituntil much later when I got home from work to find most of it destroyed.

Does that sound like a someone that we all trusted,for the one, most important time in our lives,to be our "Executor" of OUR Estate that was left to usby our Father. (Stop. Not Gabbie's father. She knows that she is a bastard.)

Frederick E. Boettcher,Sr.left 1/6 to each, and all of us siblings.Yet Freddy just took over everything. (Actually Freddy let Paul Stark take over, and controlled everything.)They lost my respect when they didn't respect mefor everything I went out of my way to helpfor everyone there.

However, Even then,Freddy Elmer "Fraction" Boettcher, Jr. the lesser,took the WHOLE Estate for himself, and left me homeless.At gunpoint.Yes.By corrupt local police that Freddy lied to.Those same police Officers laughed, and admittedeverything Freddy told them. They even laughedabout Gabbie, who called to the lockup, claiming to be my mother.

Even before then,Freddy, Gabbie, and Paul Starkwere laughing among themselves,and their "friends" that were "in the know",that Robert was just being used for their gain.No wonder they didn't respect me.I was played from the start.So was the rest of our family.

Don't think so?Can you refute it?

Can you say; "Conspiracy"?My own Mother already admitted to it.

Want to call her a liar?I'll play it back for you, and her.

Gabbie Mason,The south-side cocksuckerat the old Slo-Pitch Saloon, (She even used to walk in, and giveme blowjobs when I was showeringback when we lived together with Dad.BTW, I was 17 at that time.)

Gabbie Masonmanaged to bully everyoneso as to have the "Will" became changedso as that everything was handed over to Freddy,with her conveniently second in linenoticeably, with nobody after her. (Then there was all the farming equipmentmentioned in the boilerplate "Will" that had to be dealt with.)

Oh, and this line,that Gabbie actually shoutedto everyone at the reading of the "Will";"ANYONE the contests the/this "Will" automatically excluded from the/this "Will"!"!!!

Thomas even wondered out loud about that.I know because he looked over at me at that time then.

Remember, Folks.The "Official" last Will, that My Father left,was "found" by my sister; Gabbie.She still hasn't told us where exactlythat my father told me where he put it.

Instead , what we have, Legal as it is,has been "signed", with a very feeble scralling of a signature,that was "Notorized" by a "girlfriend"/date/regular cashcustomer/fuck-buddy, (As my Father called her), lawyer-next-door;Shirley Rucic, with same partner; Tobin Popp.

Those were the two,Lawyers next door that were thereat my Father's place when Gabbie keptme away when I tried to visit my father.Gabbie claimed that my Dad had a blood clot,"The size of my fist" come out of his nose.

Ah....Is that even physically possable?Gabbie sure has a way of exaggerating?

To be blunt.After all the BS, LIES, Slander,and outright perjury that Gabbie spewedforth to everyone, and anyone she could convince.

I have no doubt whatsoeverthat Gabbie may well have actuallysufficated my father with a pillowjust to get everything started.

They didn't even cry at my father's funeral.

Freddy, and Gabbie turned their backs on our familybefore our father even died. That much is obvious.

Freddy, and Paul used me to subsidize the Loungeby having me take care of it, and pay "RENT", as well as unfair Utils.

Gabbie, and Freddy had us all thinking that a trust fundwould be set up for the Estate thatwould take care of keeping the Estate maintained.

That was very conveniently ignored,as I paid about $4,500.00 in"Rent" (for living in the small, hot attic.),+ a FULL 1/3 of Utilities (thus subsidizing HIS business.)

...But Freddy "Fraction" freeloader, Big-Shit, Hot-Shot,from the start,( 5/2000), had no lease, and paid no "Rent",just his fraction of Utils, and Stock (that his so-called "Friends"stole.)Then they have the audacity to sneer at me in my own backyard,with their free drinks in each hand, as if I was some bad guy.

Remember when Gabbie decided to call it the;"Maintenance Fund"?,And I was the first, and only person to write a check into it.I still have that canceled check, if you want to see it.Did anyone else contribute to that so-called; "Fund"?Our "Executor"; Freddy claimed that he didn't keep track.Well, He sure seemed to keep track of my money.

Gabbie said, at that time,that Thomas would take care of it.Remember that? Anyone?

One time, Gabbie was following me around the house,trying to force me to sign some BS rental agreement.She got so upset because I refused, unless I seeANYTHING that Freddy has signed.Remember that Gab? Freddy?

For the record.I prevented fights, theft, and arson, (Once recovered over $1,000.00 CASH for him!)as I tried my best to watch Freddy's back.

Especially when he had one of his many, randomepilectic "Fits" due to all the narcotics he consumedback in K.C. "Art" College where he was a male prostitutewith his gay room-mate; Mark Skinner.

Sadly, Of all the people there,over all those years, and all that trouble,Freddy turned his back on the one personthat he could trust the most; His own Brother.

Now this shit. He wouldn't talk to me. Then he sucker punched me, and pepper-sprayed me.

So, for the first time in our lives, I finally hit back.

He knew he had it coming, and deserved worse.I only regret that I didn't see who all were the people,around us that was cheering me as I walked off.

Now this shit.I was assulted by Freddy,in front of witnesses, and cameras,but He, and Gabbie have already twisted everything so as to say that I assulted Freddy, oh, and that I robbed him. Geez.

Even if that was true,it wouldn't make up for the vicious way that they attacked me, and destroyed my life with their lies, and perjury.

So, Bring in the clowns! (Lawyers.That is.)

Now, If you will. Please. Give me the benefit of any doubt by letting this go to a jury of my peers. By that, I mean, anyone that is not just another one of "Freddy's friends".

Sincerely, Robert Boettcher

Robert Boettcher
Robert Boettcher

For My Father's Legacy. Frederick Elmer Boettcher, Sr.

5/4/2000 Gabby Mason,(Elder sister) moves into my Father's house, (with her Husband; Joe) supposedly to nurse my Father. I tried to visit every day, but was usually told that he was too tired, yet there were always other people there. Two usual visitors were the two female lawyers from next door.

5/28/2000 Frederick Elmer Boettcher, Sr. Died of lung cancer. (No Autopsy.)

6/2000 Reading of "Will" at 4456 Chippewa St. by Tobin R. Popp Gabby declared; "Anyone who contests this Will is automatically excluded from the Will", Then, later, she exclaimed; "Freddy can throw anyone out of the barWhenever he wants!" My brother; Thomas told me he thought that was odd at that time.

6/2000 Freddy "Fraction" Elmer Boettcher, Jr. The Lesser., Sets up Frederick's Music Lounge with a so-called "Silent partner";Robert Boettcher, Freddy's younger brother was asked to help with maintenance.I was paid (under the table, $100./wk.) to open, and close the Lounge.

First family meeting consisted of Gabby, her husband; Joe, Freddy, and I.Gabby was trying, with much bullying, to force me into signing a lease, and Freddy drew a small Diagram of the property that showed a circle divided into 3. He said that I will have to pay a third of the Utilities. I explained that I was actually living in the attic, and couldn't possibly use even half of what the Lounge does, not to mention the rest of the house. I refused to sign anything unless I see, and get a copy of everything, or anything that Freddy has signed. Gabby followed me all around the property, trying to get me to sign a lease. I never did because Freddy refused to show me anything.

However, Things went very smooth with much cooperation for a long time there.

One afternoon, Freddy went to walk to the bank, but he had one of his Many random Epileptic fits in the middle of the street. People called the Police, the fire Dept., and an Ambulance. A neighbor came banging on the doorTo tell me, and show me where he was. I helped Freddy get home, and recovered Over $1,000.00 cash that he left on the street. Freddy never remembered any of it.

One night, I made the terrible mistake of turning up the juke-box to hear a favorite song over the noise of the crowd. The next day, Freddy, and Paul Stark tell me that I will be banished from the Lounge for a week. I can take care of the Lounge, but have to leave when they open at 5:00pm.The next week, They tell me that I am no longer allowed to sit in the back-yard beer-garden. (My easement to my private entrance to my apartment.) He said;�You can walk through, but not sit in the (my own) back yard. That "Rule" was in effect Indefinitely, since the summer of 2004.

5/2004 After a bad storm, I showed Freddy the damage to the roof.He said he would take care of it. Three � weeks later, After much reminding,The water soaked roof caved in over my bed. I spent that day fixing the roofWith the help of a friend, and only $40.00 of materials.

5/2005 Paul Stark told me; "(That) I'm going to get rid of you."

5/2004 One night I accidentally turned off the wrong switch in the basementthat turned off the lights in the back yard. Freddy fired me from working in the Lounge. The next morning, I find some locksmith changing the lock to basement. I was very upset. Freddy told me that I can no longer go into the basement. (Where I have a lot of personal stuff stored, and is where the washer, and Dryer is.)

5/2004 I came home late from work, and find everything I had stored in the basement smashed around the dumpster. I was told it all was "contaminated from a sewer overflow backed-up in the basement."

5/6/2004 3:00pm (Gab and Freddy show up over an hour late at 4:15pm)Arbitration at Lawyers office next door. 4458 Chippewa St. Attorney; Shirley J. Rukcic, Partner at same address; Tobin R. Popp.Gabby and Freddy walk out after leaving large sum of money on desk.I personally witnessed $20. Bills that were being stacked on Rukcic's desk.Later that day, Gabby explains; "That the Trust Fund will be called the Maintenance Fund. Also that it will be handled by our brother; Thomas W. Boettcher, 104 E.Cape Terrace, Il. 62957 In cooperation, I paid $25. Into it. That was the 1, and only payment into it.(All payments by me were carefully documented by me, but not Freddy.)

6/17/2004 5:45pm Served first Order of Protection (Ex parte/Restraining Order) at 4456 A. Chippewa. Case# 043-02735 Hearing was Due; Div. 14, 9:30am 7/8/2004Freddy perjured himself with ridiculous accusations that he could never prove.He slandered me by telling family, friends, (Police?), and Adult Abuse that I attacked him with a claw hammer. That just is NOT TRUE. We have never hit each other, nor tried to in our entire lives. I was there to sincerely help him, and protect him over all those years. 6/17/04 12:13pm Email from Gabby Mason telling me of her intentions to have me committed. At that time, along with her crazy phone messages, I disregarded her ranting(s) as if she was just being spiteful because I threw her lies in her face. However, Over the next few days, I noticed more police, more often, at several times of the day, parked at, or near my home at 4456 Chippewa.I asked Freddy about it. He grinned without any answer. A neighbor(Owner of repair shop) told me that they came by asking for, and looking for me.

6/22/04 7:40am Rudely awakened by 2 Deputy sheriffs that Freddy let in through his bedroom.They claimed that they have a warrant, but wouldn't show it to me. They alsoSaid; "(that) This will only take a few hours. You will be examined by a doctor." I believed them, and cooperated. (Stupid of me.)Those few "hours" turned into a month of my life, and cost me a job.I was put into a hot paddy-wagon, and driven around for 4 hours as those 2Deputies tried to figure out where the Metropolitan St. Louis Psychiatric Center (MPC) was located. 5351 Delmar, 63112 after arrival, all the money in my pocket was stolen by a friendly Negro, admittance staff-member by the name of; Bob , �Just Bob.�?)

6/29/2004 1:30pm After being shackled, (as a procedural precaution), I was carefully taken for a Hearing (With a non-cooperating Lawyer named; Peter J.J.Rabbitt) Instead of being released, as he said would happen, I was driven back to MPC, and Served with a document, dated 6/25/2004, (by one of the same Deputies that brought me there; Joe Roderegus.) It was "authorized" by CEO Anthony Cuneo(or Designee); Jame Rutherford,M.D., Gabby, and Freddy signed Notice of Hearing on Petition for additional Detention and Treatment (Mental Health); Case# 04MH500774-01 for an additional period of 21 days .Signed by; Dr. James Rutherford, Gabby Mason, and Freddy E. Boettcher,Jr.

I was denied to attend the first RO hearing scheduled 7/8/2004 9:30am ,according to my caseworker; Mary Hotto, by Dr. James Rutherford, M.D.

That is how Freddy got the first RO. By Default. By being prevented to attend.

My own Mother; Rita (Brunner) Boettcher of Dr. E.Cape,Il. My own MOTHER admitted, and explained to me that Gabby wanted to protect Freddy, and that Gabby had started an action to have me committed for "Evaluation", and to "Get me out of the way." So as that Freddy can "Do whatever he wants." My mother told me that Gabby insisted that we; my brother; Thomas W. Boettcher, and her into signing some papers to have me committed for reasons that amount to absolute lies, slander, and perjury.

This is documented Obstruction of Justice, as well as Conspiracy.

(Also, see; The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 (ch. 22, 17 Stat. 13 [codified as amended at 18 U.S.C.A. � 241, 42 U.S.C.A. �� 1983, 1985(3), and 1988]), also called the Civil Rights Act of 1871 or the Force Act of 1871,

7/9/2004 Served Second RO. Case# 043-02735 Div. 14 Judge Mullen. No hearing date.

7/17/04 Dr. James Rutherford explains that my request for a Jury Trial has been denied, and that; "there is no recourse." ???????????????

7/28/2004 Div. 14 Case# 043-27350 Matter of re-hearing denied "because motion filed out of time."

3/31/2005 Police serve a Summons. Div. 17 Case# 054-00576Freddy has an attorney; Katharyn B. Davis L.L.C. #285761505 S. Big Bend Blvd. St.L.MO.63117 draw up a petition; Count One: Ejectment.Claiming that I have "no valid right after demand for surrender (of premises)."Premises being, as admitted by almost everyone, including Freddy,MY own Home, on MY Own Property, that I already inherited.Freddy also claimed that the monthly rental value is, or was $350.00,And that I sustained damages equivalent to $6,000.00 (Due to me living there.)( This is after I paid, since 5/2000, $150.00/month into a "Trust Fund" + 1/3 Utils.) That amounts to $4,350.00 in "rent" stolen by deceit.

4/18/05 Found my car destroyed. Every glass surface was smashed.Police report # 05_029822 Insurance claim # W0143645 EXP_045189Western Heritage 1-800-526-6528 Adjuster; Frontier Adjustors; Brian Sondrol 314-849-6500

6/13/2005 Freddy "mails" to me,(No postage. Not served.) an Eviction Notice.(off of my own property.) claiming that he will shut off all power, and utils. after 30 days. After many calls, I contacted Atty. Paul T. Krispin, Jr. Of St.L. Volunteer Lawyers Program 4232 Forest Park Ave.Krispin mails a letter on my behalf.

7/9/2005 (Less than 30 days since "Eviction Notice.") Early afternoon. Freddy lets in, again through his bedroom, 2 policemen serve RO. Case# 053-03058 RO shows; "Served 7/9/05 P.O. Collier 6502/301" Again no hearing date. Escorted out of my own home, off of my own property. I was told by the "Head Manager" of Adult Abuse; 314-622-4464 that all I had to do was to show my paperwork, and show that I was actually living at a separate, legal address (4456 Apt.A.) yet the police rudely said; "No questions. Get out of here."5:00pm After I came back, and made many calls. Police come back, and surrounded the entire area. I had bedroom door locked, but about 8 or more police came bursting through (Destroying the door) with guns drawn, and a Taser. I was very brutally dragged out of my own home, off of my own property with hand-cuffs on so tight that my wrists were bloody. Another 20hrs. lock-up.That was how I have been homeless ever since.

7/10/2005 2:00pm Released. Found my way back to find that my entire home ransacked, and many things missing. Including passport, and other personal papers. Stayed with friend; David White next door. He invited me to stay there, and help around his house.

7/13/05 9:00pm Noticed lights, and movement of people in my apartment. Called 911.

7/15/2005 2:00pm According to RO, I call for police escort to retrieve personal property out of my apartment. When they arrive, Freddy leaves (Flips his middle finger at me as he walks away.) That was in view of the police officer, which then told me; "Fred's not here. We can't let you in, or anywhere near here."

1/20/2006 6:00pm random traffic stop on way home from work.Arrested. (Car towed to City Lot cost $260.00 to retrieve.) Dt. Anthony Able steals some of my personal possessions at Dist.3.20 hour Locked-up with no explaination except that I violated RO.

2/11/06 Frederick's Music Lounge final night, and officially closed.

One particular piece of property of mine, that I built for my father,But was never paid for, is a custom computer (w/wheel-mouse, and expensive monitor.) When it was finally returned to me, (after many requests) The 60Gig Hard Drive was missing/removed. When the house was being clearedOver several days, I came by every day trying to retrieve my personal property.At one point, I was pushed out of the front door, and threatened by Joe Mason,And Thomas Boettcher. Another time I was pushed out of the basement door,And threatened by Thomas W. Boettcher. (Thomas still has much of my property�Stored� in the rafters of his garage in E. Cape Terrace.)

5/2/2006 9:30pm Confronted, and assaulted by "old family friend"; Bill Wiserat The Way Out Club, 2523 S Jefferson Ave, St Louis, MO. 63104-2307 Phone: (314) 664-7638 Tried to call police to report, but Cell-Phone Battery went dead.

2/25/2007 Donation, and Application to volunteer for/to KDHX radio 88.1 FMI was to digitize, and archive their vast, and antiquated music library.3/3/2007 Donation, and Application to volunteer was rejected, and personally denied by; Beverly Hacker Executive Director , 625 N. Euclid Ste. 100 Saint Louis, MO 63108 (She happens to be a personal friend of Freddy E."Friction" Boettcher Jr. who does ashow called; Fishing with Dynamite, Thurs. 12:pm-2:00pm)"Because application had wrong address on it."

4/2/2007 Random chance meeting at local bank; Southwest Bank.2301 S Kingshighway Blvd, St Louis - (314) 776-5200 Chat with brother brings out details of his arrogant spitefulness.We walk to the Shop-n-Save, east of bank. On the way out, 2:30pm,West exit, Freddy suddenly turns around, punches(pushed?) me in the chest,Then pepper-sprays me in the face. Then he calmly walks away, and just keeps On walking toward the bank. I immediately call the police on my cell phone.I follow Freddy with the police on my phone, but they keep asking me for an address. I keep telling them that Freddy is walking away.(Manager of that store told me that the police took the video tape of that.) As we walk south, east side of kingshighway, from Chippewa, Freddy stops at a bus-stop, And actually tries to catch a Bus. I still had the police on my phone,As I step in front of Freddy, I tell the Bus-Driver that; �I was just assaulted!(that) I�m waiting for the police!�. Freddy calmly walks away south again.When he gets to the White Castles, I follow him in as he gets in line, and gets A cup for some water. I explained to the staff about what just happened, as I grabbed some napkins. (I made the mistake of smearing the pepper-spray.)Freddy walks out, and away again. Freddy walks south on Kingshighway, and I called the police again, but they keep asking me for an address.As He gets to Cotter�s Lounge, He suddenly turns around and tried to pepper-Spray me again, but I knocked it out of his hand, then punched him once in the jaw. I never touched his legs, or feet. I was in agony from the pepper-spray,And was disgusted that the police were not coming, so I left him there on the Grass in front of Cotter�s Lounge. When I looked back, as I walked away north,(back to my van parked at AppleBee�s lot. 4680 Chippewa St, St Louis - (314) 352-3700 )Freddy was on his feet, picking up his stuff, and then walked away south.

4/5/2007 Happened to be driving south on Morganford Rd. with a friend,and noticed Freddy sitting outside (with no crutches, or cast) at The Tin Can;3157 Morganford Rd St Louis, MO 63116 (314) 865-3003 (Should have stopped to take a picture.)

4/7/2007 Sat. 11:30am DSN 1413 Tried to force entrance into rear of 5715 S. Broadway. I learned that later, because I went out front door when the police were at the back door. When I left, I went down the front steps, across street, North, under the Bellerive Bridge, left/West on Bellerive, then into an alley towards a house of a Friend. I happened to notice policeman behind me, and walked toward him, asking; "What is this all about?". He didn't answer. Then he, that policeman, suddenly struck me to the ground, and other police helped him hit me, as I was already on the ground, and helpless, I felt painful kicks, or strikes upon my legs, arms, sides, and all that while with a foot on my head. Handcuffs were painfully tightened around my wrists, Then I was tossed/shoved crudely into a paddy-wagon, and was driven off to 3rd. Dist. Station on Sublette Ave. Then, much later, to the downtown "Justice Center" for 28hr. lockup. I ached for over a week after that.

7/8/07 Spent Easter Sunday in Lock-up.

7/9/07 Served yet another RO.

4/19/07 9:30am DIV.14 RO hearing.Freddy perjured himself (As he did at every single hearing before.)He tried to claim that My Mother, and Our sister (who both live over 100miles away.)were witnesses.

6/5/2007 IssuanceIssued To:BOETTCHER, ROBERT A Date Issued: 06/05/2007 Document Issued: Warrant for Arrest Due Date: 02/28/2010 Document ID: 07-ARWA-4457 Bond Amount: $3,500.00 Bond Text: 3,500 SECURED

Charge/Judgment Description:Assault - 2nd Degree { Felony C RSMo: 565.060 }

Dave B.
Dave B.

I heard that Robert was incarcerated for a long time for felony assault after his horrible beating of his brother Fred this spring. I can't believe that this could really be Robert posting this stuff from hospital. To whoever is writing this stuff: this is a sick joke to post such a comment and attribute it to Robert. It's now well documented that he is a confused and disturbed young man who, after years of neglect, is finally getting some psychological help for his problems. Leave him be. It's bad enough that his emotional problems cost his family their business and property. Be kind and leave him alone to work out his problems. Hopefully with the help of the state, when he returns to society in a few years, he will be able to lead a safer life for himself and others.

Robert Boettcher
Robert Boettcher

If you really want the truth, you should NEVER EVER talk to Erika. Truth was that Robert was ALWAYS a part of FML!!!! Truth be told, Frederick,Sr. did jokingly call Freddy,Jr. a "Drunken Monkey". (I should know because he was talking to me. ) Truth is that Erika was fired from FML in 2003.She was one of the worst thieves we ever had there.Truth is Robert owned 1/6th of the PROPERTY THE BUILDING SAT ON, including the fixtures, back yard, (but not the business). Truth is that Freddy, and Paul were just using Robert all those years to line their pockets. Truth is, as Freddy admitted, that Robert took much pride in FML, and cleaned better than anyone could. Robert was always there to help in any way, including the bar set-up, ice, etc.Truth is Freddy made a mockery of his father's legacy by decorating it with lewd, and crude, although humorous items like underware in the rafters, toilets outside in the open, shopping carts, and other useless crap. Truth is, Robert was much more qualified to operate an " infamous nightclub". Robert grew up there with his father. Fred,Sr. showed Robert everything about the place. It was Freddy who let the whole place go to hell, and even let the roof cave in. Dispite any, or all the best help he could get, it was Freddy's bad, spiteful attitude that caused his problems. Truth is that Robert was the victim of much slander, and scapegoating. Then the slander turned criminal when Freddy "Fraction" started perjuring himself, and making false reports.

So if you want the "real" story of Frederick's Music Lounge, talk to the ones that were there, day in and day out, pouring their hearts into one bar that meant more to them than anything else in their lives...However, Do NOT listen to the rantings of some disgruntled, ex-employee that put FML liquor license at risk everytime she had her little private parties after 1:30am.


If you really want the truth, you should NEVER EVER talk to Robert.Truth. Robert was never ever supposed to have any affilitation with the lounge!!!!Truth. Freddy has epilepsy, so do about a few million other people in the USTruth. Its Fred Friction, not "fraction" And his father never reffered to him as a "dancing, drunken, monkey" (I should know I was one of the longest running empolyees his father ever had, Freddy and I used to package frozen yogurt for that man, rest in peace Senior)Truth Robert owned 1/6th of the PROPERTY THE BUILDING SAT ON, not the BAR Truth Robert did live upstairs, against all wishes, Freddy believed that blood was thicker than water and wanted to look out for his brotherTruth Robert CLEANED (as in janitor) the bar (set-up was left up to actual employees who cared more about Freddy and that bar than Robert ever did) Robert spent more time trying to get laid by telling strange women he owned a club and dumpster diving for random office chairs, shopping carts, and other useless crap, than he ever spent in any real investment into what it took to operate an infamous nightclub. If you do not believe what a success Frederick's Music Lounge was, than just google the reviews and the amount of press one small southside bar got for being the true meaning of "St Louis Live Music Americana" (including Rolling Stone Magazine)I left Fred's in 2003, it was probably one of the most difficult times of my life, and if it wasnt for Trish, Dana, Paul and numerous others, Freddy would have never made it a day. So if you want the "real" story of Frederick's Music Lounge, talk to the ones that were there, day in and day out, pouring their hearts into one bar that meant more to them than anything else in their lives....Do NOT listen to the rantings of some drugged up, child porn watching, outcast that cost the family their heritage.(Sorry I get fiesty about anyone trying to make themselves out as a martyr for a cause they never believed in)


Does anyone care to hear the truth about FML?This is stuff from several reliable sources including ,but not limited to local journalists, and actual family members.(There is a lot more to follow. Ask Bob Putnam about it.)

Back in July of 2004, Robert Boettcher broke his lease. However, He never had a lease. He is a co-owner since 5/2000 of the property that shared with his brother at 4454-4456 Chippewa in St. Louis. His brother; "Freddy Fraction" admits that, but as "Executor" of the Estate, He decided to "rent" the upstairs apartment to Robert. Who happens to be one of the 6 siblings that actually own the property. Robert was contributing to the family enterprise "until he gets things going with the tavern downstairs." Robert also took much pride in taking care of the entire property, as well as preparing the Lounge everyday (except Sundays) to open for business at 5:00pm. "It was a very noisy place" Robert said. "We've had complaints from the neighbors. Sometimes, they would come to complain to me in the alley as I was taking out the trash. They also complained about the huge beer trucks that

blocked access to their parking." Neighbors would ask me; "Where is, or was Freddy?" "Well,", I try to explain, "He tends to sleep late."

"But, Its past 3:00pm!" they�d respond. "Some of those big-ass damn trucks have been out there since before noon."

Robert explains that; "The truth is; Freddy has a medical condition called Epilepsy, that he caused on himself by indulging, for many years, in crazy amounts of illegal narcotics of all sorts. His condition causes him to randomly fall down onto things and hurt himself with uncontrollable convulsions, then about 20 minutes later, He would wake up, and never remember any of it."

So, Robert takes care of business by signing for stock, and putting things where they need to be stored." Then, invariably, they ask; "Why, or how

would anyone give him any sort of responsibility, much less the title of; Executor!?" Indeed, Why? Because he was always the family favorite.

Freddy "Fraction" Boettcher,Jr. The Lesser was the charismatic elder son.

He was, and still seems to be, as Fred Boettcher,Sr. called him; "The all singing, all dancing, drunken monkey.


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