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Best Rock Club to Die in the Past 12 Months St. Louis 2006 - Frederick's Music Lounge

Drive past 4454 Chippewa Street and sigh. The Michelob sign is still there, as is the sign on the door warning minors to keep off the premises. The name of the original owner, Boettcher, is still etched in the cement fa?ade. Frederick's Music Lounge began as an obscure dive, became what Rolling Stone called "the best, most authentically St. Louis club" in town and may yet wind up a nail salon or Vietnamese restaurant. As a meeting place for slackers, rockers, drifters, dreamers, counterculture drunks and lowlife high livers, it's like won't pass this way again. A documentary film of Frederick's blitzed-out, raucous final days is said to be in the works.
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Robert Boettcher
Robert Boettcher

Freddy really screwed his brother that spent years sincerely helping to build our home; FML.Fred E."Friction/Fraction" Boettcher,Jr., Paul Stark, and Gabbie Mason are criminals.In fact, There is very good reason that our Father was murdered so as to expediate their plans.

I can NOT make this up.I demand a proper investagation into this matter.Why whould those people, who supposedly were helping my father, suddenly try to destroy me with lies, slander, and outright perjury?

A real jury trial is demanded.Will you help me with that?


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