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Best Villain St. Louis 2006 - Santino

Archetypal villain: shadowy, compulsively black-clad, mustachioed. Santino Rice: bombastic, ga-ga for lavish colors and textures, and...OK, so the dude does sport some seriously deviant facial hair. If the phrase, "Andra?, I don't know why we always have to fight at Red Lobster," means anything to you, you're already familiar with Santino ? the eye-rolling, beat-boxing, Tim Gunn-mocking, "Urbi et orbi" ("To the city and the world")-spouting designer from season two of Heidi Klum's BRAVO reality contest, Project Runway. A St. Charles native who moved to LA at age seventeen to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Santino was the contestant we loved to hate, what with his eleventh-hour meltdowns and bickering with judge Nina Garcia. But when he won the Nicky Hilton party-dress challenge, we couldn't have been prouder. Just like his native St. Louis, Santino knows he's fabulous and isn't afraid to flaunt it...wait for it!...with style.
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