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Best Bibimbap St. Louis 2007 - U-City Grill

U-City Grill

U-City Grill

6696 Enright Ave.

University City, MO 63130


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Bibimbap — "mixed rice," in Korean, and spelled a zillion different transliterated ways — has to be one of the world's best comfort foods. At the hands of Yong Sup Sim and his wife So La Sim, owners of the nineteen-year-old U-City Grill, the dish does take you back to the blithe old days. Back to that time when food on the table constituted a fact, not a responsibility that required some amount of sweat and the ability to balance a checkbook. The Sims' bibimbap, you see, is so simple: sticky rice blanketed with matchsticks of the freshest carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts and lettuce, topped with thin strips of tangy marinated beef and caressed by an egg fried so lightly that the white hasn't a single fray around its edges. So La Sim makes her own hot sauce, which finishes the dish. (Alas, the sauce's recipe is a secret.) The couple, their surroundings and the price ($5.45) couldn't come off more humbly, but the bibimbap leaves one full with the feeling that the whole world is within a fork's reach.
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Rachel Wood
Rachel Wood

Sorry you feel that way; p-dub. I'm guessing you've never run a business and have no idea how much of a jewel in the rough this place is.Perhaps if you travel out into the rest of the world you'll see what a deal that is. In many cities you get poor or no service for quality that falls far short of the Sim's establishment. Wishin' I was there today !! (But it's a long walk from here in CA.)


Ridiculous. They use boring inexpensive ingredients, but the price isn't so exceptionally low to offset the lack of Korean components.


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