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Best Blog St. Louis 2007 - From the Mayor's Desk

Readers' Choice: Urban Review
What is this thing, anyway? What we now call "blogs" began as online diaries, but we can all agree that blogging's come light-years in the decade-plus since then. And St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay's blog is anything but an online diary. Rather, it functions as a parapet from which the mayor lobs a bizarre combination of tedious civic pronouncements, political position papers and the occasional ad hominem attack on St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporters. Though sources tell us the blog is mostly authored by Slay's flack, Ed Rhode, we prefer the soft-focus vision: of Hizzoner himself, hunched over his laptop, opining. Surely it says something when your mayor's blog is more forthcoming than, well, your mayor. What, precisely, does it say? That's a question for another day.
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