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Best Bowling Lanes St. Louis 2007 - Tropicana Lanes

Tropicana Lanes

Tropicana Lanes

7960 Clayton Rd

Richmond Heights, MO 63117


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Sure, there's a lounge. There's also a game room, a small snack shop — hell, there's even a banquet room. But make no mistake about it: Step into Tropicana Lanes, and you'd better be ready to bowl. Opened in 1959 — the same year Hawaii entered the United States — the place is iconic, its soaring blue-and-orange neon sign beckoning bowlers as if to a mid-20th-century luau, Missouruh-style. That means a full complement of 52 lanes, league nights, midnight bowling and, most crucial, pitcher upon pitcher of beer. Its Hawaiian counterparts may offer you leis and roast suckling pig, but bowl three strikes at Tropicana Lanes and it's turkey time, baby!
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Leslie Myers
Leslie Myers

I LOVE Tropicana Lanes. It not only is a great way to spend a fun evening without spending much money, it retains its retro charm. With the International Bowling Hall of Fame leaving St. Louis (and Budweiser being sold), Tropicana is all the more a St. Louis icon worth supporting and keeping! It is, indeed, St. Louis' best bowling alley!


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