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Best Comic Book Store St. Louis 2007 - Star Clipper

Star Clipper

1319 Washington Ave

St. Louis, MO 63103


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Lately we've enjoyed a comic-book renaissance. Not only has Hollywood figured out that funnybooks are a part of our cultural lexicon, but so have the so-called legitimate publishers, one of which had comic artist Chris Ware draw the new cover for Voltaire's Candide. It's nothing to see a Pulitzer Prize-winning book about the history of the industry (Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay) or an alternative newsweekly print a retelling of Stack Lee's murder of Billy Lyons in panels with word balloons. Star Clipper Comics is a glowing example of the rebirth of comics: Gone are the days of geeked-out, poorly lit, cramped retail spaces with the product stored in cardboard boxes. Star Clipper is big, bright and beautiful, and it offers a stupendous collection of ongoing titles you know (hey, did you know the Hulk was back? He's angry!), titles outside the Marvel/DC multiverse you didn't know were around (hey, did you know the Lone Ranger was back? Tonto too!), as well as books, T-shirts, toys, games and those manga books the kids seem to like. Star Clipper goes further, though, hosting hipster events like the St. Louis Munny show, where local artists decorated Munny robot dolls (they're big in Japan) and unveiled them at a party complete with drinks and DJ spin.
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Pam Graves
Pam Graves

i tried to call your number but it did not work. can you email me and give me a number i can call you at. i saw an article about your store in the Post and i have a quesiton about selling a huge collection of comic books that i inherited from by brother. thanks.

Pam Graves314-961-8540


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