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Best Country Band (Traditional) St. Louis 2007 - The Well Hungarians

Yeah, it's a funny band name. Hysterical. At this point in their career, it's more than likely that the Well Hungarians have succeeded in spite of their moniker than because of it. The five-piece plays straight-ahead, radio-friendly country music with three-part vocal harmonies. Jim Ed Hodges keeps things honest with his fiddle, adding a lilting sweetness or a sawing urgency to the band's guitar-led sound. At their weekly Wednesday-night gig at south county's House of Rock (South Lindbergh Boulevard and Baptist Church Road [in Ronnie's Plaza], South St. Louis County; or 314-842-2550), the Hungarians play a mix of originals and country-rock favorites from the likes of America and Tom Petty. Regardless of the tune, the band is able to fill the dance floor with slow-dancers, two-steppers and booty-shakers — sometimes all at once.
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Hey Jim Ed and the rest of the Guys with Wells, I am soooo happy that you all receiving this award! Thanks for your rockin' County Music and I especially like dancin' to it. And thanks for being REAL! Love ya!

Jim Ed Hodges
Jim Ed Hodges

Hi everybody, this is Jim Ed Hodges and I just wanted to take a moment to thank the RiverFront Times and its staff for a truly great honor. Myself along with the Well Hungarians count our blessings each and everyday and are grateful that we are able to do what we truly love. We humbly accept this award and share it with all of the fans who have supported us and allowed us to entertain them for so many years. Thanks again!


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