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Best Film Festival St. Louis 2007 - True/False Film Festival

Nearly 200 people pack into the elegant ballroom. The prime seats were snatched more than an hour ago; latecomers press against the back wall. Columbia residents, Mizzou students and filmmakers sip complimentary Schlafly and whisper excitedly. Over the next three days, dozens of the world?s best new documentaries will flicker across screens in this charming, urbane college town. The lights dim. PAUL STURTZ, one of the True/False Festival?s founders, takes the microphone. He sports a long black overcoat, wire-rimmed glasses, purposefully tousled hair and a look of joy and determination. This is the fourth year that his festival has entertained, enlightened and challenged filmgoers. Tonight he and co-founder DAVID WILSON will screen Oscar-nominated documentary shorts. And that?s only the beginning. There is no deal-making at True/False. There are no agents, no flacks, no back-room arrangements. What there is at True/ False is an incredible sense of possibility, and a consuming passion for the documentary as art form. Films are presented by their directors and writers. Nearly every screening sells out. And the long weekend is a colloquium, a raucous party, the best kind of celebration. FADE OUT
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