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Best Freebie St. Louis 2007 - "Film Feastivals" at Lemmons - CLOSED


"Film Feastivals" at Lemmons

5800 Gravois Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63116


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Mondays. Ugh. Honestly, what could be worse than a flamboyant flair-wearing, disparaging, mentally and physically impairing case of the Mondays? Fortunately, for the past five years Lemmons has countered the fax machine-destroying, f-bomb finger-flippin' monster in all of us with its Monday-night "Film Feastivals," which offer an antidote to the start-of-the-work-week blues in the form of a free evening of movie-watching abetted by a buffet of meatballs, peppery wings and Black Thorn's Chicago-style pizza. That's right — free movies and free food. 'Nuff said. (Really, they had us at "meatball.") Did we mention that it's free?
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