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Best Gun Shop St. Louis 2007 - Cabela's



5555 St. Louis Mills Blvd.

Hazelwood, MO 63042


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What makes the gun shop at Cabela's so fantastic? Three words: The Gun Library. Lined with wood-sided glass cases, Cabela's gun library houses long guns and revolvers so beautiful they could cause a Quaker to lose faith. Here you'll find double-barrel shotguns with gorgeously engraved wildlife scenes and stocks inlaid with ebony, matched pairs of antique English shotguns that will set you back 50 grand. Of course, Cabela's provides plenty for the little guy, too — including a wide selection of youth guns. What with the video game that allows armchair hunters to bag virtual wild boar and whitetail deer, the regional wildlife displays, aquariums, even a "General Store" that specializes in old-fashioned candies, you might get woozy from overstimulation. Bottom line: If you can't find the piece you're looking for in this gun shop, you're probably a bow hunter. In which case, the archery department's right next door.
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A Cabelas just opened up by my house, and it's going to help me out so much! I know that I can always go there and find something for my husband for special occasions. The next thing he is wanting is black powder firearms. Hopefully they'll have what I'm looking for.

Lyla Burns
Lyla Burns

I love Cabelas! My hubby are very outdoorsy type people and we love getting new stuff at Cabelas for our camping trips! We have recently been trying to find pack saddles for sale, and we are hoping that Cabelas will be able to help us out. http://outfitterspackstation.c...


yes Cabelas has a very nice gun library if you like high dollar overpriced firearms...hopefully you have an afternoon to spend not only looking but waiting for service....understaffed .....used guns are priced too guns are also high and lines are long at gun counter so be prepared to wait.....


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