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Best Indian Restaurant St. Louis 2007 - Indian Food - CLOSED

Indian Food

Indian Food

8629 Olive Blvd.

University City, MO 63132


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Nihari is unlike anything you've had at an Indian restaurant. Sure, its basic flavors are firmly rooted in the subcontinent: cardamom, curry, nutty ghee. But it begins with an explosion of ginger, lime and cilantro that wouldn't seem out of place in a Southeast Asian or Latin American dish. Actually, there's a good reason you won't find nihari in most Indian restaurants: The dish is most commonly associated with Pakistan. The Khan family, who own and operate Indian Food, originally hail from Karachi, Pakistan, and they offer a unique take on a cuisine that, despite the restaurant's name, spans countries and thousands of years. Besides nihari, you'll find flavorful versions of such classic Indian dishes as korma and biryani. Whatever you order, enjoy it with chapati, a delicious bread lighter and more flavorful than traditional Indian naan.
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Having eaten a lot of Indian food--in St. Louis and elsewhere--this place has proven itself to be one of the best. A very simple setting belies the amazing food/flavors that you'll find. The lunch buffet is the best in St. Louis, and the dinners are incredible. The owner(s) are extremely nice and helpful, and they make an extra effort to make sure you have exactly what you need and want. The beef nihari is really a must-have dish. What more can I say/ramble on about? Check it out. Best Indian/Pakistani food in STL.


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