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Best Irish Pub St. Louis 2007 - The Dubliner

The Dubliner

The Dubliner

1025 Washington Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63101


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The Dubliner, with its soaring ceilings and aspiring gastronomy, may be the urban version of an Irish pub. But true to its roots, there's always a pair of elbows resting atop the bar. Twenty-ounce pints of Smithwick's, Harp, Guinness and Magner's Cider, plus a raft of Irish whiskeys and cocktails (love that Irish Car Bomb!), served up by cheeky lads in formal wear. Eddie Neill's pub also imports Irish entertainment, and there's frequently a broadcast soccer game or hurling match on tap. Getting on the e-mail list not only apprises one of the "sporting calendar" but also provides excellent discounts come one's birthday month — an authentic Irish blessing indeed!
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I have to differ with Jon, The Dubliner is the most authentic Irish bar in the St. Louis area. The Guiness is poured properly, the food, right down to the irish breakfast is as real as it gets. If your looking for Buffalo Style Chicken wings, or Potato skin apps, forget it, but if you want authentic Irish food, great beer and atmosphere, great REAL Irish music from some of the biggest Irish bands in the country then the Dub Pub is your place.


this place is everything that si wrong with Washington street. An Irish pub? Your insulting every self respecting Irish American in the city!


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