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Best Liquor Store St. Louis 2007 - Randall's Wine and Spirits

Randall\'s Wine and Spirits

Randall's Wine and Spirits

1910 S. Jefferson Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63104


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A great man once said that a great drinking city deserves a great liquor store. By that measure, our boozy little burg has traditionally registered somewhere shy of magnificent. Sure, St. Louis is home to some fine specialty shops and bars, but for years oenophiles and dipsomaniacs alike have had to schlep their beery frames out to the county if they were searching for anything more obscure than a bottle of Beaulieu or a fifth of Knob Creek. No more. With the arrival of Randall's Wine and Spirits, located just off I-44 east of Jefferson Avenue, city-dwellers with a hankering for a four-pack of white zin can rub elbows with folks on the hunt for a magnum of Château Margaux right in their own back yard. Liquormaster George Randall has outfitted this capacious shop with a fine selection of wine, beer and spirits, all priced to move. Randall, who also operates a liquor store on the east side (10800 Lincoln Trail, Fairview Heights, Illinois 62208; 618-394-9800), has even left himself room to grow: He's currently using only half of the space in his Jefferson Avenue warehouse; the other half is given over to specimens from his car collection. Rest assured that as St. Louis lumbers back toward greatness, it'll have a liquor store to match.
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My only experience has been with the internet site they run, They make absolutely NO guarantees regarding shipment, and no matter HOW much of a disaster your shipment turns out to be or HOW much they are responsible for that disaster, they will tell you to go cry somewhere else, because they couldn't care less. Impressively brutal customer service.

John O
John O

love the store!!!!

Informed watchdog
Informed watchdog

Are you kidding me, nothing but bad news surrounds this guy, he has no sense of order to his rag tag selection and he is breaking so many laws. He is another Wal-Mart wannabe, lowering prices as loss leaders to lure you into his concrete and metal dive. Fine wine, yeah right, he doesn't have much of a selection and pretends to care about his customers. Maybe he should start in his own backyard with his employees and then do something about his annoying illegal flashing sign due to cause an accident any day. This illegal retailer should take his Illinois liquor back across state lines.


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