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Best Live Act St. Louis 2007 - 7 Shot Screamers

The members of 7 Shot Screamers are so unassuming — yes, even with their outlandish hair, punk-for-life tats and Lou-pride patches — it's easy to forget they're one of the more in-demand live acts in certain (a.k.a. punk and rockabilly) circles. After a 2006 stint as Exene Cervenka's backing band, the Original Sinners, the quartet appeared at the SXSW festival in Austin and was invited to California in the spring to open for premier psychobilly act Nekromantix. Catch just a glimpse of their high-octane live show and you'll see why. Vocalist Mike Leahy hops and buzzes around the stage like a pesky fly, unleashing deadpan humor and singing Screamers originals with flair. (Think the gothic tint of Peter Murphy and Morrissey crossed with the muscular attitude of the Clash's Joe Strummer.) Frenzied stand-up bassist Chris Powers Jr. and unassuming drummer Kevin O'Connor complement each other by joining together for lock step rhythms, while guitarist Deano Sabella stalks the stage like the leader of a greaser gang. Always entertaining and always full of surprises — that's the mark of a must-see act.
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Although I'm not a huge fan of their style of music, I must say these guys put on one of the best shows I've ever seen on Halloween 2007 at the Skatium. People ripped apart bales of hay and were throwing it everywhere and the Screamers kept on kicking ass despite being completely covered in hay.

Nicole L.
Nicole L.

I'm so glad you guys did a cover on the 7 shot screamers. I haven't heard of them in awhile and have been wondering what they were up to....thanks...


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