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Best Lost Cause St. Louis 2007 - The Mullanphy Emigrant Home

Built in 1867 to house the Mullanphy Traveller's Aid Fund, the Mullanphy Emigrant Home has played many roles during its 140-year history: schoolhouse, warehouse, motorcycle repair shop, cause cél?bre. The building's most recent turn came on April 2, 2006, when a fierce storm collapsed its south wall. The landmark's imminent demise prompted a small knot of historic preservationists to launch a campaign to try to save it. But on March 31 of this year, a second storm further damaged the building, sinking portions of the north and east walls. Still, the preservationists have, well, persevered. They now estimate that it will cost $350,000 to repair the walls. Fundraising efforts had raised $57,000 at last check. The good news: The west wall appears to be holding up. For now.
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Sean Thomas
Sean Thomas

As much as we wouldn't want to do anything to make our friends at the RFT look bad, in this case we'll make an exception. While we're still a ways off from declaring victory, the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group and its many supporters in the preservation community have made great progress in stabilizing the endangered Mullanphy Emigrant Home building. Watch for a new south foundation to be poured soon with new walls going up at both ends of the building in the not-too-distant future. We still need more contributions to cover these expenses, but we look forward to Mullanphy building being designated as the "Best Thing the RFT Was Wrong About" for declaring it a lost cause. To help make this happen, visit


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