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Best Metrosexual Bar St. Louis 2007 - Rue 13 - CLOSED

Rue 13

Rue 13

1311 Washington Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63103


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Like a peacock splaying his feathers, the Metro struts through Rue with his plumage on display. Notice how he sips a (double) gin-and-tonic with his back to the lights, the better to silhouette his thin frame and peg-leg jeans. As the clubbers dance to crowd-pleasing hits, the Metro can be found lounging on one of the many luxurious couches, his shrunken vintage T-shirt pulled up just enough to display his painstaking chestal manscaping. Later, back beyond the pool tables and the sweaty little dance floor, our friend can be seen preening in the mirror under the unwatchful eye of the men's room attendant. Having reapplied his guyliner, Metrofella pops his collar and melts back into the crowd. Mingles with a gaggle of tarted-up twentysomethings, hoping to find the girl from last Wednesday who borrowed his lip gloss. She was a total hottie, he swears, and she had great shoes.
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Rue 13
Rue 13

The sushi scene just got sexier as Rue 13 spins coastal influences into local entertainment. Mingling is easy as the club offers all the comforts of ambiance, service and just the right amount of attitude.Arguably the hottest spot on Washington Avenue (unless you're searching for loud music with throbbing bass), Rue 13 is a step above the rest in glamour, sushi, atmosphere and a beatiful crowd. If you need to see more, visit their new website: It was re-launched with the help of Clever Agency, a tres savvy interactive agency, right here in St. Louis.


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