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Best Movie Theater St. Louis 2007 - AMC Crestwood Plaza 10 - CLOSED

AMC Crestwood Plaza 10

AMC Crestwood Plaza 10

248 Crestwood Plaza

St. Louis, MO 63126


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Readers' Choice: Tivoli Theatre
No question: Watching a movie at the Moolah Theatre & Lounge (3821 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis 63108; 314-446-6868 or is a treat. Who wouldn't enjoy spreading out on a big, comfy leather sofa while sipping wine or a cocktail while watching the newest blockbuster? But success — Best of St. Louis honors included — exacts its toll, and in the Moolah's case the toll is that you've got to arrive early or wait a few weeks till the crowds thin. Which is why this year we're headed in another direction with this category. Specifically, to Crestwood, home of Westfield Crestwood and the AMC Crestwood Plaza 10. Here you won't get the booze or the big comfy couch, but you'll never have a problem finding seats, and you'll breeze through the popcorn-and-Raisinets line. Of course, good things seldom last — which might have something to do with the fact that Westfield has put its sleepy Crestwood property on the block.
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When I wanted to see Grindhouse earlier this year, I specifically looked for the most neglected old cinema in which it was showing. The Crestwood Plaza 10 certainly was the best option, and really added to the feel of the film. The 3 other people in the theater and I really had a great time.


Actually i totally agree that crestwood is a great theater to go to. its way better than waiting at some ridiculously busy place and trying to watch a movie in a theater packed with a bunch of noisy ass people.


Best theater Crestwood, what a joke.

Most tired venue maybe , but Best?

maybe you need to look up "best' in the dictionary.

we appreciate the moolah plug, but Really michael, the Crestwood??


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