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Best Neighborhood Bar (City) St. Louis 2007 - Friendly's Sports Bar and Grill

Friendly\'s Sports Bar and Grill

Friendly's Sports Bar and Grill

3503 Roger Place

St. Louis, MO 63116


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Readers' Choice: The Royale
There's a fine line between "keeping it real" and "straight-up trashy." Friendly's Sports Bar and Grill sits just a smidge to the "real" side of that line. And that, in turn, is what makes Friendly's so glorious and deserving of the title "Best Neighborhood Bar." No pretension here, no fern-based décor. Booze comes cheap, except during random times like "$1.50 Well Drinks When the Home Team Hits a Home Run or Scores a Goal or Touchdown" — when it comes even cheaper. A very capable jukebox blares Guns N' Roses on command, and the game room contains everything one could hope for: pool, darts and an eighteen-foot shuffleboard table. If it gets too rowdy inside, take your bucket of beer and roam on out to the beer garden, where picnic benches and games of hoosier golf await.
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