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Best Neighborhood Bar (South County) St. Louis 2007 - Hessler's Pub & Grill

Hessler\'s Pub & Grill

Hessler's Pub & Grill

11804 Tesson Ferry Road

South St. Louis County, MO 63128


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Readers' Choice: Hessler's Pub & Grill
A few years back someone put up south county's most pointless sign. It officially denotes the cluster of stores at Baptist Church and Tesson Ferry roads as Plaza 21. But nobody refers to it as that, ever. When describing a store within the strip mall, locals say, "Oh, it's in that plaza with Hessler's," and everybody knows where that is. Hessler's has been around for a quarter-century, but it feels like it's been there forever. It looks like it, too: It's like being in your buddy's wood-paneled basement. Natural Light's on tap, but so are Blue Moon, Boulevard and AmberBock. And during happy hour (weekdays from 4 to 7 p.m.) longnecks are $2, pitchers are $5, and appetizers are half-off. And that's really cheap on an already cheap menu — heck, we couldn't find anything on there over $9. You'll have plenty of cash left over to buy one more Nat Light and a red T-shirt with Hessler's name on the front pocket and "Cubs Suck" on the back.
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Great pizza. Had a significant problem with the manager though. I innocently asked if one of the two big screens could carry the Cardinals game. It was an important game. The manager must have been having a bad day because he snarled at me that he wouldn’t, and he put on the hockey game (not a Blues game) and I could move. I did move but as I sat there I decided to take a poll. The paying customers wanted to watch the Cardinals game. The second time I asked we got into a heated argument. I left. My friends and I spent $100 elsewhere that night. We used to meet once a month there. We won’t any more. The wait staff felt bad and apologized. There weren’t any towels in the men’s restroom either. Place is going downhill.


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